Saturday, February 26, 2022

OMG-I am just dyeing and dyeing.....


Southern Pecan it is in linen, osnaburg and Rick Rack-chenille coming...

Hawaiian Nut - yes I named it that to learn how to spell Hawaiian-laughing.  It is in linen only at the moment.

Mermaid's Firewood-great brown with some grey undertones.  Just envision a lovely group of Mermaids gathering Driftwood and drinking a glass of Octopus Ink and sitting around a bonfire enjoying the evening....

All of these are great neturals that samplers and primitive pieces would look great on.

Keep looking-more to come...

OMG-almost forgot Mayflower Grey Crinkle Ribbon....I have a new piece coming out with this and I have an announcement regarding my ruler boxes....will be putting those out there later.  

Off to dye-pack and not go crazy....let's hope-well I am already there on the crazy-just keep it in check....Hugs and thank you for your support Ebeth

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Nashville 2022 sneak peaks


Small Red Hearts is a delightful design that uses covered floral wire to let the 'pin cushions' to be displayed in arrangments.  The orginials have magnets attached to the back of the hearts so you can attach needles, pins, and scissors.  What a delightful way to have your stitching implements by your side.  The pattern has the instructions to stitch and finish these delightful pieces.  Stitched on Sweeney Red 36 count linen with White Chantelly thread from Romy's Creations, Sweeney Red Velvet and Lush Meadow Chenille for finishing.

Now who does not need another box (laughing).  This classical sampler motif design was stitched with Weeks Dye Works threads on 36 count Americana Froth and Italian Custard Chenille to adorn the edge of the design.  Finishing and stitching instructions included with the pattern.  Information on what paint and how to paint the box are also included.

Red Tulip Ruler Box Lid and Strawberry.  Now who would not want this primitive two comparment ruler box with this lid that screams popping spring.  The design is from an antique sampler that I own (that is in the works being reproduced)  I just love the fact that the undulating row for the strawberries is red-not the traditional green.  As red is my fav color-that just kicks it up a notch.  Stitched on 32 count Aged Saffron, threads Simply Wool by The Gentle Art, Mater Samich Velet and Black Crinkle Ribbon to finish it off.  The 2 compartment Ruler Tray can be order from me Dames of the Needle.  A must for any stitcher.  Pattern has stitching and finishing instructions.

The lid has a lip so that it will stay in place when layed over the smaller compartment.  You can hide your mess if you need to.  Fun stitching accessory.

More releases to come.....this is just the beginning.  All patterns are winging their way to Hoffman Distributing Company, local needlework shops and my etsy.

Off to dye and create more-Nashville Needlework Show 2022 on our way.  

Hugs Ebeth

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Nashville Needlework Show 2022 and beyond.....

Hold on to your horses....there are things a brewing- #Nashville2022 and more to come

Yes, I have been designing between dyeing and finishing and well just breathing.  Here is #RedTulipRulerTrayLid I have added a strawberry so be ready for more pictures .  This an adaptation of a Sampler I own and that is almost finished being reproduced and the whole sampler will be released this spring 2022.  The #RulerTray can be ordered from your local needlework shop and I will have them available in my Etsy  Place your orders-there will be a limited amount of them at market and more to come.  

You guys have seen the Crinkle Ribbon-this is #MaterSamich.  I am so excited about this new product.  I have already used it on #RedTulipRulerTrayLid and the strawberry.  I cannot wait for you to see the strawberry.  I have also used the Crinkle Ribbon on a fall teaching piece.....I see this being used a lot.  It can be Ruched, as a tie-as a hanger and more....You can iron it out to straighten it, you can crinkle it more by wetting it and scrunching it up...a fun trim to play with.

#MaterSamichChenille -OMG-I cannot wait for a good Mater Heirloom Samich on white bread and mayo.....Yep showing my flip flop southern side.  It is best to eat this samich sitting on the beach mid day with the sun beating down. The tomato should have been sitting on the picnic table warming up before it is cut open and juice flowing everywhere.....

And we cannot leave out the ever popular #HoneyWhiskey here it is in #CrinkleRibbon this definately will cure the sore throat if not just make you feel good using it.  

Well-off to work-more linen to dye and instructions to print.  Please start contacting your local needleworkshops for pre-orders....Hugs Ebeth


Thursday, January 20, 2022

I did another thing

 Hey-can you believe it-more posts back to back than ever in awhile....hard to believe.  Well-I did a thing.  Been think about this since I have been painting and messing with other upcycling....I decided to add a gold dusting to the Pom came out wonderful.  It does make the Pom Pom a little more stiff, but it is way cool.  I started with Hot Santa and it is called Gold Dusted Hot Santa Mini Pom is a picture.  

This is in my Etsy
Under Gold Dusted Hot Santa in the Pom Pom section.  It will be in your local needlework shop soon.  

I hope that you are managing through our winter storms and mixes.  It is like a pig puddle in my yard now.  I am constantly cleaning the wooden floors from the muddy paw prints....

Well, I am off to get some items ready to dye.  Not sure if dyeing will happen today-raining again and that makes it hard to dry.  I have several items to finish and other things to do.  As usual-always behind.

Wishing you a wonderful day!  Hugs Ebeth

Monday, January 17, 2022

Link to my interview with Fiber Talk

 I would like to thank Gary Parr and Beth Fred for asking to interview me for Fiber Talk or this FlossTube link.  I have never been interviewed and Gary and Beth made it a joy.  Of course in my own I Love Lucy, Erma Bombeck, Stephanie Plum style there were a few hic ups-No-my mouth is sealed.  Just say I am not the most technologically advanced person.  I really appreciate their patience with me and making me feel at ease.  Please listen if you are so inclined and share-

Thank you again to Gary Par and Beth Fred from Fiber Talk.

Enjoy - off to work I go.....ebeth


Saturday, January 15, 2022

More new colors-dye pots working

Old Piano lover?  Know how the old ivories age with great golden/green patina....well imagine it on fabric....Hence Tickle the Ivory.  This great neutral color would work for a plethora of projects.
16 count Aida, 14 count Aida, 28 count Linen and 46 count Linen just listed in my Etsy Shop.

Off to create more goodies.  Ebeth


Saturday, January 8, 2022

NW Prim Stitcher's Retreat

 ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰Hold this date!🎉🎉🎉

NW Prim Stitchers' retreat will be Sept 16-19, 2022 in Missoula, MT. And we are very proud to announce Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle will be teaching. Plan to join us!
Details will be on our Retreat page at

Here is the link to the group that I will be teaching the pumpkin drum and how to make folk art pumpkins for in September of this year.

Here is the link to join the group and to get information about the retreat. I will be posting pictures of the teaching pieces this week.

Hugs Ebeth

Monday, January 3, 2022

Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle Happy New Year 2022

 Well-as usual-just working, working, working.  The weather has been so weird.  Rain and more rain-weather has been too warm and horrible storms.  Tornado watches and warnings now the temps have dropped and we got a skirt dusting of snow and it is just going to keep on coming.  My back yard is a river-but I am still kicking it with dyeing and trying to catch up with getting items in when they are available and so on....Here is a new Item for finishing I have added to the mix.  It is a poly/rayon mix 1/2" ribbon that when wet crinkles-hence crinkle ribbon.  The product is sold crinkled when I dye it and can be ironed to be flat.  I do have some of the ribbon dyed from the Manufacturer that is not can drop it in hot water and let it dry and it will crinkle if that is the effect that you are looking for....

So, for the New Year-let me introduce Italian Custard, Hot Santa and Honey Whiskey Crinkle ribbon.  Mater Samich will be out this week.  More to come!!!

Italian Custard-I love this mellow buttery color.  It reminds me of faded Victorian clothing or textiles.  It has always been one of my fav colors.

Now-who would not swoon over this red hot number!!!!  Hot Santa is for anytime of the year you need a popping red.

Honey Whiskey-what can I say-it does not stay in stock-either in linen, velvet, pom pom or any other product.  It is a great yellow/golden color. 

There is so much you can do with this ribbon.  Couch it down, Rouche it, use it as a tie for a Huswife, needlebook--I could just keep going.

I love this new product and you need to keep your eye out for it debuting in a new design.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and may 2022 be the beginning of you being empowered to take over your own destiny.  From my family to your's may this be a time to regroup and make great personal things happen.