Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New things happening at Dames of the Needle/Finger Work

For those of you that are on my Facebook personal and Dames of the Needle-I have hinted that there are new things brewing. Well as most of you know I am a kinda TMI kinda gal. So here is a picture as a hint of what is going on in my basement. I am brewing up some new products and I will be releasing them in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned for the whole scoop.... Happy Stitching and think color, finishing and trims.....Ebeth

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello and some Teasers

I know that it is almost summer and we are all quite ready for the warmer weather. Especially our friends out west and north who have had snow in May. May we all send our prayers and good thoughts to all of people that were hit with the recent tornadoes. My heart goes out to them. I just wanted to post a little teaser to peak interest in new releases that will be coming out soon. I have a couple of designs that will be coming out in the next few issues of Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I will be releasing a new series at the TNNA St. Charles Fall Show that will go with the piece in Just Cross Stitch. Think fall, pumpkins, mono colors, cats and witches.....I am excited about this series. It is quite different from my other designs.....Imagine this NO OVER ONE....you got it-. I will be posting more as we get closer to the release date. Mean while I have a couple of things that will be coming out in a couple of weeks, I hope-as long as I can keep on schedule. The kids are getting out of school and that always takes a week or so to get into a routine and adjusting to everyone being under foot. Well, I am off to finish up on an order. Take care and take a moment to do something just for you. I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing Memorial Day. Ebeth

Monday, May 13, 2013

Interesting information

I hope that Deb Koch will forgive me....but I am going to toot her horn for her. If you have not met this lovely lady check out her store Stitches N Things in Fenton Michigan. But that is not the horn that I am tooting....Deb has found needle felting and has gone to town with this fiber art. Here is a picture of Deb at work- and an image of Hip Hop Cow. Deb sells her pieces on Etsy. Her shop is DebFeltIt. If you get a moment check out her felted items. They are way tooooooo cute. Love you Deb! May needles always have a place in your day and life. Go create some wonderful images and items. Ebeth

Shipment to Attic Needle

I just sent an order out for a small wool applique kit that I designed as a teaching piece for TNNA to Jean Lee at Attic Needle in Mesa, Arizona. They should be getting the kit by mid week. It is a wonderful piece that has a quaint acorn and leaf appliqued onto a small Lambswool Linen biscornu. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the project including the wool roving to stuff the piece. Contact Attic Needle if you are interested in purchasing the kit. Please drop by frequently....new things are coming. Ebeth OMG forgot to say congratulations to Attic Needle for finding a new home for the shop and the hard work they went through to move and re-open. If you are local-drop in and say hello and check out the new space. If you are not local-just check out the web and sign up for their newsletter so you can see what is going on in their new space.

Working and Designing

Well, I am in town for almost a month....I would say that I do not know what to do with myself, but we are facing the end of a school year and the mad rush to finish all that has not been done before the last bell rings. Then the usual where did the summer go schedule of camps and hopefully visiting family and getting ready to go back to school. Well I will be posting peek show and tell for the next couple of weeks with new designs, teases of upcoming magazine pieces and a new venture that I am working on starting....No I am not going to stop designing and teaching.....I am exploring adding on to my company...just keep watching for more information to come. Have a great stitching day! ebeth

Monday, May 6, 2013

Home again, Home again-jiggity jig-jig

The trip home from Celebrations was uneventful. That is a good thing. I got unpacked and got orders out for my twisted cording system. I met so many wonderful ladies and my classes were just great. We got to paint, stitch laugh, learn and have fun! I will post more about the classes and up coming designs in the next few days. I even hope to have a few moments to breath and to start working on putting new items up on my website. TTFN ebeth