Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Canvas

New canvas painted today. Will get better picture up when I get back. It is off to Tomorrow's Heirlooms where Pam will work her magic and have a class with it this fall. Hope you enjoy! Ebeth

New Mermaid

She is packed and ready to go to the West Coast tomorrow. We will be using Golden glass bead medium on the tail of the mermaid and painting over it with acrylic inks. Everyone gets to draw on the face and apply the hair.
Teaching the Maritime Sewing Box with Cindy Dixon at Sit N' Stitch in Sunny California. Have a great weekend and I hope to be posting on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend. Maybe on the blog too.....we shall see. Ebeth

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winston and our discussion

Winston and I just finished having a discussion about how his lack of opposable digits made it impossible for him to make a splash in the current world today. I totally agreed with him. I think you need the ability to adapt, be positive and have those every useful polley/pollical opposable digits to 'make it' today. So, in saying that, I am ever hopeful that I will 'make' my mark on the world soon, since I have a thumb or thumbs up on Winston at the moment. Have a great day and use those opposable digits for some stitching today. Ebeth PS-If you are ever so lucky to meet Winston in person, please do not discuss his lack of pollex with him. It is a touchy subject. By the way, Winston is a Corgi-if you were wondering.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Pictures of The Dauphin House Box

I got the pictures in for the inside of the box.....enjoy!
The scissors and the mother of pearl ruler are from Kelmscott Designs. See the previous post for pictures of the outside of the box. I will repost new pictures later this week. Enjoy. Ebeth

New Release 1807 Tulips

Here is a new release that is adorable! I already have it up on my wall going up the stair way. It is a quick stitch on 35 count Straw by Weeks Dye Works using threads from Weeks Dye Works and The Gentle Art. I am printing the orders now and will be shipping to Hoffman Distributing and Norden Craft as soon as I get them done. I hope you are having a great week and that your weather is as wonderful as ours here in 'Hot 'Lanta'. Ebeth

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celebrations of Needlework Midwest

For those of you who are attending Celebrations of Needlework Midwest I would like to let you know that The Sheperd's Needle will have my newest charts for sale in her booth/room. For those of you who are close to St. Charles, Missouri and you do not know about this event, please got to the Celebrations of Needlework website and check out the information. There is something for everyone at this event. Again, I want to thank you for your support and keep those needles moving! Ebeth

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Teaching Piece Dauphin House Sewing Box

I excited to show off my new teaching piece. It is based off an historic house on Dauphin Street in Alabama. The linen is 32 count cream that is coffee dyed and then stitched with threads from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works. The roof is made from GingerBread Hounds Tooth from Weeks Dye Works. The roof opens up and on the pitched sides of the box there are sheaths for a pair of storkette scissors and a mother of pearl ruler from Kelmscott Designs. The linen can be sent ahead of time and the group can coffee dye the pieces and then the construction part can be taught in class. The box has vintage mother of pearl buttons on the bottom and the lining is over dyed muslin/weavers cloth. There are magnets to hold the scissors and the ruler in place. Magnets are also used to keep the roof in place. I am in the process of designing more delightful houses with a historical house theme. I also have sketches for another set....think pumpkins and witches. You got it! There will be a Salem witch grouping.....I am off to do more desiging...Drop in to keep up with what I am doing. I will be teaching the first part which is coffee dyeing the linen on October 23, 2012 in Hunstville Alabama. The second part which will be the finishing will be March 26, 2013 in Huntsville Alabama. This is an EGA Group. Please contact Becky Hamilton at for more information. Ebeth