Friday, January 13, 2012

Yellow House Pin Cushion

I love this new pin cushion. Sorry, bragging on myself. I love the muted colors. I know-I need to go brighter...but that is what the wool work is for.....

This will be released at Nashville the end of February.....It is a great mix of embroidery and cross stitch. And of course it has a ewe.....It would make a great framed piece to fit in a grouping if you do not want to make it into a pin cushion....

More to come....ebeth

new teaching piece to be taught for Deb Koch's group

New piece that I will be teaching for Deb in March....hope everyone likes and quick. I did it in less than a day....ebeth

More South American Mermaid

Inside of the case. The moon and the stars were used as imagery in the indian culture. The catholic church allowed the imagery to be used to help bridge the cultures.

More information to be given on the cruise....ebeth

South American Mermaids

Here is the back of the piece that I will be teaching on the cruise with Sue Hillis and Claudia Dutcher next week.

I will post the rest of the pictures. This is a fun piece and there is a history about mermaids mixed with the catholic religion in parts of South America....but you have to take the class to get the information...ebeth