Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall and Acorns

Busy making this wonderful make-do.  A velvet acorn with a silk velvet topper.  Decorated with twisted Eco Friendly Vegetable dyed twisted paper.  7"x4" approximately in size.  A wonderful addition to any primitive work basket or display.

Working on more-this is listed in my Etsy Shop 

As always-I appreciate your support and friendship.  Thank you for helping me be a success.  Hugs Ebeth

Friday, October 5, 2018

More listings

Busy getting things dyed and listed.  Check out my Etsy Shop-

Dried Acorn a great light brownish color.  

Colonial Tea is now available in 1/4" Velvet Ribbon in 3 yard packages.  Lovely subtle modeling in the coloring.

Canned Pumpkin is now available in 2 yard packages.  Great grungy fall coloring.  

Enjoy the new listings....Ebeth

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Items

Here are a few new items added to my Etsy shop

Cotton Hand Dyed ribbon

Ruby Murray Velvet Ribbon

Murky Sea Cotton Twill

Poly/Cotton Mix Printed Snowman Ribbon

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

Poly mixed printed Spider Web Ribbon

Great additions to your finishing supplies.  Check these items out and more...

Finishing going out the door

Along with everything else I have been doing-I have quite a pile of finishing for clients that I am starting to finish and ship.  Here are some pictures for you to admire...I am considering slipping a few of them in my pocket-Just kidding....

I think there will be a happy client in the next couple of days.  

Well off to finish more and dye-busy day today-as usual.  

Thank you again for your support and I wish you a wonderful stitching day.  If not today-in the near future.

Hugs Ebeth

Monday, August 27, 2018

Finishing time!!!

I have some wonderful clients that have entrusted me wtih their lovely needlework.  Here is one of the newest pieces that I finished.

Off to work on more.....Halloween and Christmas items to finish. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Color-

Confetti Cake is now a thing in linen-each piece will be unique due to the dyeing process.  But what a fun new color to work with.  This color can be ordered in all counts-

Pictured is a 40 count that is up on my Facebook and my Etsy shop right now.  

Italian Custard is an old color on a different trim.  It is now available in Mini Pom Pom.  

This too is available off my Facebook account and Etsy Shop.  A box of this new color is on its way to Hoffman Distributing Company  So your local needlework shop should have this color in by next week.

More colors coming.....Thanks for looking.  Ebeth

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Colors

Been busy in the studio-Here is a sampling of new colors and products available in my Etsy shop and your local needlework shop.

Fairy Wings-a hint of Lilac to enhance your stitching.

1/2" Black Twill Tape to be used in binding, finishing and other wonderful ways.  A great addition to your lovely textile arts.

1/2"' Murky Sea Twill Tape to be used in binding, finishing and other wonderful ways.  Again, a great addition to your lovely textile arts.

Murky Sea Velvet, I cannot wait to use this to finish a project.  It is a soft greyish green color.  I grew up off the coast of Virginia and it has the murky coloring of the sea when a storm is approaching.

Yes-more murky-Murky Sea linen.  It can be dyed in all counts and is available in my etsy shop.

You can pm me on my Facebook page to order any of these new items or any of my other items.  Always listing and dyeing.....I have a couple more new ideas up my sleeve-keep watching....Ebeth

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Release of Sampler Motif Pin Cushion

Yes, a new release.  It is in my Etsy Shop and will be in your local needlework shops soon. 

It is stitched on 36 count Aged Saffron using Tarnished Halo Mini Pom Pom by From the Cauldron/Dames of the Needle.  Threads used Queen Bee by Classic Colorworks, Country Redwood and Carriage Black by The Gentle Art and Grasshopper by Weeks Dye Works.

The piece was designed to go in a 5" diameter pedestal.  The one for the model is a repurposed candle holder.  It could fit in a tart tin or turned into a pin wheel cushion.

Stitching and finishing instruction are included with the chart.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did designing it.

Have a wonderful day.


Monday, July 30, 2018

Swan with Flowers Pin Cushion/Frame Weight

Announcing the birth of a new piece.....this lovely piece can double as a Pin Cushion or a Frame Weight depending on how you stuff the piece.  Find the chart and most of the Bits and Bobs to complete this project in my Etsy Shop.  Swan with Flowers stitched on 32 count Aged Saffron.  Threads used: Seaweed Weeks Dye Works, Old Blue Paint The Gentle Art, Country Redwood The Gentle Art, Queen Bee Classic Colorworks, Blackboard The Gentle Art, and Navy Weeks Dye Works.

Finishing Materials Aged Saffron velvet, Rick Rack Lace Tape Burnt Butter, Little Boy Grey Mini Pom Pom all by From the Cauldron/Dames of the Needle.  Quilting fabric of your choice, crushed walnut hulls or wool roving for stuffing and heavy weight iron interfacing.  

Finished piece is 5" x 8".  When filled with crushed walnut hulls the piece can be used as a frame weight.  If filled with wool roving you have a lovely large Pin Cushion.

I must admit I recycled the idea or using Pom Pom and Lace from my friend Tracy at Ink Circles.  Thank you Tracy for the idea.

I hope you enjoy the new piece.  Enjoy and thank you for your support.  Ebeth

Sunday, July 29, 2018

More Strawberries

Listed new pattern and make do pin cushions.....strawberries-strawberries....

Strawberry & Flower Tape Measure Cover with the verse on the side-Measure Twice Cut Once new listed in my Etsy Shop.

A wonderful project mixing counted work with wool applique work.

Strawberry pin cushion made from hand dyed velvet, re purposed suede and mother of pearl buttons. 

Strawberry pin cushions made from hand dyed velvet, re purposed suede and mother of pearl buttons.  Sold individually. 

Well-off to enjoy the summer days and create more....Hugs Ebeth

Saturday, July 21, 2018

New listings and wild times here.....

Yep-another lapse in posting.  Sorry!  Both Isa and Miguel graduated in May-one from University and the other from High School.  Isa is settling in Nashville...still a little rocky, but she is loving it.  Miguel decided not to take a break-he did University for High School like Isa, so he stayed on with the University he did duel enrollement with and is finishing up with his summer classes.  In the middle of this I attended the Prim Stitcher's Society Retreat in Ohio as a vendor.  Then home to catch up with work.....I have been busy trying to find new and exciting items for my Etsy Shop and having Facebook Sales . 

Here are some new items and finds......

New Strawberry Make Do Pincusion.  Repurposed vintage candle stick holder.  Great addition to your stitching nest.

Southern Blue 1/4" Velvet ribbon just listed and new color.  Great for finishing and topping Strawberries.  New colors coming....and new types of ribbon coming soon-too.

Southern Blue Mini Pom Pom-new color-

Little Boy Grey Mini Pom Pom-new color-

Now for the wooden selection....Great new listings of vintage wooden bowls that are great for showing off needlework pieces and primitive decorations.

Love these guys.  Their unique shape just drew me to them.  They are on my Etsy shop and sold seperate.

This great bowl spoke to me with its lovely patina.  It was definately used and loved....great addition to anyone's wooden collection.

If you are looking for unique keys for decorating and adding to your needlework-check out my Etsy shop.  I have vintage and unique key charms listed.  I am always finding new keys and finds to add to the shop.

I unique listing of vintage glass frogs.  I am always on the look out for unique and different containers for the glass frogs.  

Like my page and keep an eye out for any items that speak to you or just check out what kinda items I find and list.

Have a great weekend!  I have a few new designs that will be listing soon.  I have a few new Sea Creature pieces and I have two new Scraps to add in the next week or so.....

Hugs and thanks for all your support.  Ebeth

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Postings

Just listed in my Etsy shop old color in other products. 

Tarnished Halo in 1/2" Dupioni Silk Ribbon 2 yard package and Tarnished Halo Chenille in 3 yard package.

Tarnished Halo Chenille 3 yard package

Tarnished Hallo 1/2" Dupioni Silk Ribbon 2 yard package

Hope you enjoy the new addtions to the product line.....happy finishing.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Pin Cushions finished and kits available

I so love making monochromantic designs.  It stretches one's abilities to make the image emerge in one color.

I want to present Barn Bird Pin Cushion.  The kit contains 32 count Aged Saffron linen, Aged Saffron quilting fabric, Aged Saffron velvet and 1/2" Rick Rack Watermelon Juice all dyed by From the Cauldron/Dames of the Needle.  Barn Door thread by Classic Colorworks, vintage Mother of Pearl buttons, Mill Hill beads and the chart with the pattern and detailed finishing instructions for the piece.

Barn Yard Pin Cushion.  The kit contains 32 count Aged Saffron linen, Aged Saffron quilting fabric, aged Saffron velvet and 1/2" Rick Rack Watermelon Juice all dyed by From The Cauldron/Dames of the Needle.  Barn Door thread by Classic Colorworks, vintage Mother of Pearl buttons, Mill Hill beads and the chart with the pattern and detailed finished instructions for the piece.  

The kit is available on my Facebook business page or my Etsy Shop.  Thank you for your continued support.  Ebeth