Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Busy Cauldron

 I have been busy trying to catch up with orders and dyeing new colors.  The cauldron has been busy.  Here are a few old items back in my Etsy and new colors and items listed.....

Back in stock - Mild Chili 1/2" Rick Rack

 Back in stock - Mild Chili Chenille

18 count Opalescent Aida Sea Glass

Miguel's Navy Opalescent-Navy on the bling.....

Baby Mini Pom Pom in Miguel's Navy

Ida Neel's Cherries is now in chenille

Limited Edition Blue Black 1/4" Cotton Twill Tape

Hot New Color-Cosmic Platinum-this flies out the door each time I get more dyed....

Keep checking-several new charts and more new items are coming-

Hope you are getting ready for Spring-the last roars of winter weather it trying to hang on.  But here in Atlanta the birds are starting to get nests ready-trees, flowers and grass are turning green and starting to bloom.....But again I live here in the south-tomorrow who knows what the weather will be....

Thank you for your support and enjoy your day.  Ebeth

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gulf Shrimp - Yum.....

Gulf Shrimp now comes in 25 count Lugana-here are two pictures for color reference.  More colors to come~ 

Thanks for your support-off to create more!!!!  Ebeth

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cali's Berries New Spring Color

New Spring Color-- Cali's Berries-this is a wonderful color to stitch strawberries and more.  Just listed in 40 count, 16 count Aida and Osnaburg.  More coming. 

Osnaburg great for finishing and primitive surface embroidery.

16 Count Aida Cali's Berries-dyes a little lighter than linen and other fabrics.

40 count Cali's Berries

More colors and items coming-you never know what you will find in my Etsy....oh-almost forgot 

Number 3 A year in Costumes is finished and available from a local needlework shop or in my Etsy.
Number 4 is almost finished....

And-last but not least-a new ready made trim, 9/16 in width this Off White Jute Cotton Chenille will enhance your needlework.

Happy creating and stitching.....Hugs Ebeth

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bling your Cocoa!

Yep-Santa's Cocoa is now blinged out.  Now it is on Opalescent-newly listed in my Etsy Shop.

Santa's Cocoa 32 count Opalescent

Santa's Cocoa 18 count Aida Opalescent

I cannot wait design a new piece for this linen.  It is delicious......

Off to dye more!  Ebeth