Friday, December 11, 2020

Wow-me again!

 Blackbird Designs did it again!  Winds of Autumn is a great new compilation of projects from the talented Barb and Alma.  I am starting to wonder if they even sleep!

 Sister's Booklet  is back in stock.  I cannot seem to keep this one in...

Meanwhile keep an eye our for Christmas Rose from Blackbird Designs-that pattern/booklet will be out in the next couple of weeks.  I will be placing orders next week.

Now for something completely different-Santa's Cocoa on 14 count aida is now listed in my Etsy.

I love creating-can you tell?  Laughing-I have a new color-the name has not spoken to me yet and it is you will be seeing another post with more goodies in the post.  Have a great day!  Ebeth


Sunday, December 6, 2020

New Items and Such

OMG-What a crazy year.....I still feel like I just unpacked from the March Needlework Show and it is the end of the year.  

It has been amazing to see the support and energy in the Needlework industry during these strange times.  I am so proud of all the prolific stitchers.  It is fun to see people coming back to the craft-it is so fun to hear from 'new' stitchers how amazed they are at the new fabrics, thread choices and creative designs.  Keep stitching!!!!!  Trust me it is cheaper than a therapist-

I wanted to announce new additions to my Etsy Shop.   The first in many is my Holiday Finishing Pack-this new 'grab bag' concept is for the stitchers and finishers that do not have time to hunt down supplies.  I will be offering packets of fabric, trims and at times-little surprises- that will enhance your finishing.  The descriptions will tell you about what is in the groupings.  Each grouping will be limited so do not hesitate if you see something you like.  See the first grouping below.

Holiday Finishing Pack-Texarkana hand dyed Velvet with Berries and Leaves quilting thread and an assortment of 4 trims.  

Here are a few new items added to my shop-these wonderful designs come from some talented companies in Italy and the United States.  Some of these designers may be new to you-or old favorites.   

Petal Pincusion from MTV Designs

Flower and Acorn Needle Minder MTV Designs

Fairy Wool in Wood is the cutiest designer!!!!
Here is her 'Frosty' that comes with the silver charm

An oldy but goodie from Blackbird Designs

Get ahead on your Americana Stitching-this is a great chart from Blackbird Designs. 
This chart has two projects in it-the framed piece and a pin cushion.

This is just a few of my favorite things-smiling.  I have more to add-but that is it for the moment.  Start following more-and get your friends to follow-you never know what I will be putting up.  Also-please look up Friends who like Dames of the Needle/Finger Work on Facebook.  This is a closed group-we have drawings and I do live videos for finishing and other announcements.

Hugs and talk real soon.  Ebeth