Friday, June 30, 2017

Strawberries, Strawberries-make 'dos'....Still getting settled

 June is the month of Strawberries....I miss my plants from my old house.  This year snuck up on me and I did not get any plants in the ground.  I am going to have to work on putting in some raised garden areas for 'fruits and veggie' plants....So that will have to be a next year planning.  I cannot believe that in August of this year it will be 1 year since I have moved.  It was this time last year that I was in the throws of going through underwriting and packing once again.  I have managed to get 6 storage unites down to one and only minor stuff left in the garage.  I have still yet hung my beloved samplers, paintings and other such items on my walls.  This is the first move that I have not gotten the house settled right away.  I am still struggling with what items I want to keep and where things will go.  It is hard to move from a Traditional Colonial style home to an open French Country style.  I am slowly working toward how I want things.  

So, since I am not growing my beloved fruit this summer-I am growing it in other ways.  I am in the midst of a rampage (one might say) of creating strawberries.  My obsession for hunting down finds and re-purposing them has moved to another level.  As you can see above the starts of one of my make 'dos' and here is the end result of one of the stands.

I think it is the cutest yet.  It will be listed on my Etsy this weekend.  It will join the other make 'dos' I have already listed. 

 They are taking over my foyer along with my bird nests and sea shell decorations.

As I posted on my business Facebook page I have also discovered the new milk paint products....I am now looking at items in the house that will be attacked and changed.  My dining room table and chairs along with my kitchen set are on the slate to be redecorated.

I just got some cute items from Goodwill and have them in the studio with cans of paints and other magical products ready to be attacked this weekend.

Do not worry trims, linens and velvet are stacked up in the dye studio along with a couple of new stitching designs are all in the queue.

The torrid rain has stopped for the moment, so I am off to get a dye bath or two done.  Then more designing, creating and listing.

I want to thank you for all your support.  I appreciate all of you-and please, please send pictures of your creations.  I love to see what you do with my products.

Happy creating.  Ebeth

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Americana revisited-Limited time

I have a love hate relationship with my storage unit....I used to have 4 and now I am down to one....I would love to make it none.  Early this summer I found more chip wood oval shaker boxes and re-released an oldie but goodie!  After taking pre-orders off my Facebook page  I had a couple left over and released them on my Etsy shop.  

I am in the works of making a drum that will go with the Needle Book and Scissor fob, because when the boxes are gone....they are gone. 

Well, I am off to design, stitch and dye.

As always, thank you for your support!  Ebeth

Americana Box