Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday sales...

While we do not have the snow and horrific weather that other parts of the country are getting.  It is very cold and now rainy here in Georgia.  I understand that all the wild fires in North Georgia are now contained, but the devastation left will take years to over come...we must keep praying for these families and towns.

It is really looking like Christmas here in our new home....I will post pictures of all the final decorations closer to Christmas.  It has been fun, stressful and interesting getting ready for the holidays in my new home.  I still have things in storage units, the garage and stuffed in different parts of the house.  I am still deciding what is staying, what items are getting new homes and what new items are needed to make this new space work for us.  It is such a different style for me, but I am loving it.  I do miss my samplers, stitched works and other art.  I hope to start hanging items the first of the year....but I will not make promises.  I have found I have eaten my words on when things will get ready in this new house more than once.

Holiday Sales-A sale is going on this weekend!!!!!

I have extended the sale through Sunday-I just got more threads and I am going to split these shipments with this sale and my end of year everything needs to get out of my dining room January 1 sale....

As many of you are aware the price of Pom Pom, Chenille, and Rick Rack will go up the first of the year.  I am having a blow out sale with these items reduced till the first of the year.  I will have what items that have been left from other sales and a few new trims on sale till the first week of January 2017 then the prices will go up.  The sale is only on my Facebook page.

Well, I am off to post more items that will release late tonight and all through Sunday morning.  I will close the sale mid afternoon.

Enjoy the evening....hugs ebeth  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

On going sales and Holidays

Holiday gift for exchange ready.  Check!  Luncheon was a delight!!

Snowmen and sailor ready for the holidays....check

Wishing for snow-NOT-but a Merry Christmas!!!  Though cold enough to snow....

Skiing....not me...

My Facebook sale is winding down today.  Trim is still on sale price all December.  Remember the prices go up January 2017.  I also have threads and linen listed on the sale.  I will be listing more on my Etsy shop.  Check them out...

I have dyeing to do and invoice from the sale.  I need to get a couple more things done around the house and for the company,  

I hope that all of you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season, but taking moments out of your days to rejoice in the moment.  

Hugs Ebeth

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spare time....right

In between decorating, dyeing and organizing online sales....I finished these items for a client.  They were different and fun to finish.

This pillow needed to be bigger so I added strips of fabric and alternated the cross over on the corners.  I also dressed up the side with Just Another Button Company's buttons to play out the images on the pillow.  I used a Jute coil for the cording on the edge of the pillow.  It added a rustic look to the pillow.

This was a fun pillow to make.  I got a denim work shirt from Goodwill and measured it for the stitched piece and cut it out and sewed it together for the pillow.  I put iron on interfacing on the back of the stitched piece and I hand sewed the piece onto the pillow.  I Rouched a Gross Grain Ribbon onto the edge of the stitched piece.  I added buttons onto the seam edge instead of a cording and decorated the open space on the edges with Just Another Button Company's Buttons.  This pillow is supposed to be a Christmas present for the client's son. 

Here is a fun Christmas pillow.  I used the same Jute cording, but in a red color to add a rustic look to the pillow.

Finally an Easter ornament.  This was so cute.  I sandwiched the Rick Rack between the front and back pieces and tacked into place so that only the edge peaked out around the piece.  I put batting on the front and back to give it some depth.  I used Raffia for the bow and the hanger.

It was fun to put on my finishing hat and sit down and work on these pieces.  Got me wanting to design and finish more items.....

Hope the client is pleased with her new goodies-will be delivering them tomorrow.

Well off to set up a sale for this weekend----See you on my facebook.

Hugs Ebeth

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sale on trim and The Gentle Art Threads and more

Facebook sale this Weekend starting December 2, 2016  Hope on over to my Facebook page and get some goodies.  Pom Pom trim is on sale for $2.00 a 1 yard package till the end of the year.  Beginning the 1st of January 2017 it will go up to $3.30 per package.  Rick Rack and Chenille is on sale for $5.00 per 3 yard package till the end of the year.  It will go up to $6.40 per package in 2017.  The sale on the trim is only on my Facebook page, pming me or emailing me at Elizabeth and give me your order.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will be going to the Woodstock Christmas parade to watch Miguel and the Joyful Noise Marching band perform.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Pom Pom

As promised-down to business.  I finally got to get the dye pots out yesterday.....Loads of linen hitting the door on its way to clients.  I did grab a moment and came up with a new color.  Inchworm Pom Pom.  This light green color is a start on filling in the green color section.  English Holly is a new color that was added last month.

Many of you may have read this on my last Facebook sale, but all the trims are going up .25 per package the first of the year.  From now till January Pom Pom will be on sale for $2.00 on my Facebook sales only.  Beginning January 2017 it will be 3.05 per 1 yard package.  Keep a look out for the sales.

Off to dye some more and set up for a sale this weekend.  

Happy December....Ebeth

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ta Da-

Mantle finished....I promise no more progression pictures of the mantle....well unless it needs more additions.  Isa and Miguel's stockings are up...I guess one day I will finish stitching mine.  Both of theirs were stitched their first two years of life and they both stitched on the backgrounds to help finish them.  They both won ribbons at ANG national-so they are indeed special stockings...

Dyeing did not go as planned yesterday.  We had storms and rain!!! Yeah! But alas it is not enough rain to even put a dent in the drought and north of us in Tennessee they are being brutally attacked by wild fires.  It is heart wrenching to look at the videos and read the stories of the devastation.

Today is dye day-hopefully several yards of linen that needs to go out the door will be done-drying will be tricky since it is again raining!!!  It has not rained here since August of this year and we do need I will not complain.

I have been sorting through my cut linen boxes and I have already staged some pieces to be on sale on my facebook this Friday.  If the USPS cooperates there will be another sale of threads from The Gentle Art....Next week there will be Weeks threads unless they get shipped sooner.

I am working on the email link so you can sign up to get the blogs....

I will be starting on finishing the floors in my studio and hopefully it will be done by the end of the year.  Pictures will be coming...

I will also start posting finishing hints and ideas about how to use my velvets and trims.

Well, I am off to dye-and to hopefully have a productive work day.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

And the decorating continues.....and the dyeing and the designing.....

Boy am I juggling all kinds of balls!  I still unpacking, remodeling, dyeing, designing...(yes, I starting to design again!), decorating for the holidays and being a mum....No wonder I just collapse at the end of the day.

Some of you might not know, but I purchased a house the end of July and I have been moving items out of storage and getting rid of items, buying new ones and getting my studio remodeled.  If you know me I had grand ideas that this would all be done by September....Well it is December and I am about 3/4 done with the studio and still trying to get arranged in the home.  

I have always had a colonial prim morfin type of furniture and decorating style....I purchased a home that is very French Provincial...White, Grey, Khaki, and Wrought Iron are the colors.  There is an open room concept downstairs, so there is not enough wall space for my samplers and designs...I have hung a few things, but I am still moving furniture around and trying to figure out what stays and what does.  plus my furniture is too dark now.  I am trying to figure out which of my beloved items need new homes and which ones can stay.

I have two 9 foot wire rolling racks in my garage full of Samplers, my stitched designs and art work that are ready to be hung.  That will be the first of the year....

In the mean time I am dressing up the house for the holidays.  I have been to the storage units twice and still have not found all my decorations....organization is the next item on my list....

On to business.  I have Facebook sales every week and new items weekly on my Etsy shop so please check them out if you are in need of linens, trims, threads and more.

I am off to dye linen today and will be posting more tomorrow.  Do not forget there will be a sale at the end of the week on my Facebook page....linen and more.  I hope to have more The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works threads on this sale.

Have a stellar day!!! Ebeth

Monday, November 28, 2016

It is starting to look like Christmas

'Well Turkey day has come and gone.  I have been frantically hunting things down in the storage unit so I can decorate for the holiday.  I have my Starbucks tree up in the kitchen, my whimsical tree in the den, huge tree in the living room and my woodland creature/mermaid tree in my bedroom.  I think I may stop there....but who knows.  I am almost finished with the mantle and the foyer.  I think the front door is done.  I will post more pictures later this week.

I had a facebook sale this weekend and I announced that my trims will be going up.  Chenille, Rick Rack and Pom Pom all will be going up .25 each the first of the year.  I am running a sale this month $2.00 for Pom Pom and $5.00 for Chenille and Rick Rack.  These sales will be on my Facebook page.

Well, I am off to invoice and to finish a pillow for a client.  I hope to get some dyeing done and hopefully I can find all my decorations so I can finish up with 'dressing up' the house so I can enjoy the view.

Hugs Ebeth

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving week....

This is a picture of me right after my brother was born.  His birthday is the 13th of November, so this has to be right around Thanksgiving or towards Christmas.  As you can tell I was percocious even at a young age.

I am very thankful to have a house full this Thanksgiving.  Isa is coming in from Belmont University in Nashville, Miguel is home and Sydney my 'new' daughter.  We will have a few friends over and hope to have some good food and some laughter.

I will be having a sale on my etsy shop detail to be announced and on my Facebook

Stay tuned....

Dyeing Pom Pom this morning and have several yards of linen going out the door.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

Hugs Ebeth

Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

 The pumpkin slaughtering has started at the Talledo's house.  This is the start of the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas celebrations.

As many of you who follow me on FaceBook now that at the end of the summer I moved into a new house.  I am still resettling and getting the business back up to speed.

I have also been busy working on my Etsy shop .

I have weekly sales on my Facebook page and always listing new items on my Etsy page.

Well, enough of me talking about myself....I wanted to wish you a peaceful and thankful Thanksgiving.  May you get to have time to visit with family and friends.  Embrace old traditions and make new ones.

Keep posted, I will be making a sale announcement this week.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Linen Colors

Linen Colors available From the Cauldron.  Two new colors will be posted next week Prim Grey and Redwood.  Look for sales on ( sale on June 29, 2016 - new linen color and trims) and
contact - to order or more information regarding ordering linen.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Color pages of products

 Velvet Colors Available
Velvet is available by the yard, 1/2 yard
1/4 yard and 1/8 yard

 Pom Pom trim is available in 1 yard packages
Linen available except for new color Brun Lapin.  Scan of this forthcoming.  Linen is available by the yard.  Smaller cuts can be a special request.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Wow-2015 was a blur!  I look forward to 2016 with great anticipation and trepidation.  Since we have not figured out how to time travel backwards-wagons ho and forward we go!!!

I have been very busy here dyeing and designing.  I have several new pieces that will be released in the next couple of months.  I have been busy adding new colors and products to the 'finishing' part of my company.  I am excited to announce that I have started dyeing cotton velvet.  I have 8 colors which 6 are shown below.  I am expanding my linen line and will have a new color coming out in a month or so.  It is Ole' Ginny Tobaca and it is a very subtle greenish/brownish color.  I have also decided to start doing limited runs on new colors in linen.  I will explain more about this when I release these colors.  The first one will be The Magical Mystery Tour of Color.  I will keep you posted on this new venture.

There are two wholesale shows coming up that I am getting ready for.  One is an online show which is a wholesale show.  Dates for the first show of 2016 will be February 1-3.  Then there is the Needlework show in Nashville the beginning of March 2016.  This is again a wholesale show.   I will be releasing new Pom Pom colors, Velvet colors and charts for the shows.

I have had quite a few requests for swatches/samples of product and colors.  I would love to be able to do this but there are two factors that prohibit this.  1-not enough time to get these pulled together.  2-too expensive and cumbersome to pull together and try to ship out.  So-I have made some scans of the products.  I am going to post them here and when my website is up and running again the product will be on that also.

Please note that the products are hand dyed and the color may vary.  Please contact me at with questions about shops that carry the products and any other questions about my products.

Do not forget to follow me on FaceBook-I have flash sales for the velvet and odds and ends of product that are cut wrong or samples that cannot be sold to the shops for retail sales.  The sales are usually on Sunday night and once during the week.  

May this be a prosperous and peaceful year for all.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to creating more products and colors that will inspire you for years to come.