Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Summer is almost here.....

 Even though Summer does not start till the soltice on the 20th of June....But I always start it the first of June....Yes a brat at best.  Life here is crazy as usual.  As most of you-weather has been off.  We have been having major wind and hail.  Of course-then there are leaks.  So, we are in the process of getting the roof replaced.  Adulting is just a bit much at times.....

I still have had time to create a couple more colors.  Blues-that is one that I do not do often.  So we have two new Blues-Summer Morning and No Clouds....They are listed in my Etsy-  

Here are the colors-enjoy.

Summer Morning

No Clouds

These are great blues for your patterns....well off to create more colors and designs.

Hugs and thank you Ebeth

Friday, June 4, 2021

New colors and new chart....Happy Summer!

 Busy, busy as a Bee one can say.  Honey Whiskey is a new color in linen and a new chart Bee's Folly-will get you ready for the warmer weather and longer days....More to come!  Keep an eye on my Etsy

Honey Whiskey 18 count Aida

Honey Whiskey 25 Lugana

Honey Whiskey 32 count

Honey Whiskey 32 count Opalescent

Honey Whiskey 46 count

Bee's Folly available in my Etsy and your local needlework shop.

Summer is still trying to start here in Atlanta.  We are having cooler than normal days....Shhhhh-those Dog Days of Summer can wait.  

Off to work the dye pots and to create new charts.  Ebeth