Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cool Release from Priscilla's Pocket

Priscilla's Pocket released this way cute pattern Stoneware Pinpillows at St Charles Fall Market.  This charming design uses Wonka's Blueberry Mini Pom Pom Trim by From the Cauldron .  The trim is packaged in a 3 yard length instead of the standard one yard.  The trim can be ordered direct from Dames of the Needle .  Dames of the Needle does not sell direct to customers.  Ask your local needlework shop to order this trim for you.  If you do not have a local needlework shop please contact Dames of the Needle and you will be directed to shops that carry the trim.  Shops please order the 3 yard packets direct from Dames of the Needle.

I hope you check out Priscilla's Pocket and look at all of their wonderful products.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

After Market Product Information

On a dark and dreary morning in August 2014 #FromTheCauldron announced the birth of Dark Plum Mini Pom Pom.  This is a great substitute for the trim used on #ALongAndWindingRoad by Blackbird Designs.  Barb, Alma, Cathe Ray and I played around with some of the trim and found that this was a great match.  I am working on getting a model completed with the trim attached.  If you are interested in this new color for this project or any other project please contact Hoffman Distributing Company, Inc or From the Cauldron/Dames of the Needle for your trim 'fix'.  We sell direct to shops so please contact your local needlework shop if you are an end consumer and want to purchase this trim.  The picture does not do either piece justice!

Dark Plum Mini Pom Pom Trim

Blackbird Designs A Long and Winding Road

More Fall Market information to come in the next few days.