Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaching-Dogwood EGA

I had a wonderful time in my own back yard last week. The Dogwood EGA group hosted me to give a lecture and a finishing class.

I gave my lecture on Shaker vs Quaker sewing implements. It really is more of a lecture on how the two religions evolved. I always love talking about this subject. There is very little written about the women's work during this time period. One has to dig and piece the evolution on one's own. I have my theory that the Medallion Quaker samplers may have been the first 'Friendship' samplers that were stitched. But alas, unless one of the Quaker girls comes and makes a visitation to this time frame, or we figure out how to beam ourselves back in time, we will never know the answers to the mysteries of their needlework.

I got to teach the finishing for Zen Rabbit purse.

The ladies were a treat to teach. Several of the ladies changed the colors on their purses and added beads to their scissor sheaths. I always love it when people change up their pieces. Maybe when I can pursued them to send me pictures and I can post them.

Off to kit-Ebeth