Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall and Acorns

Busy making this wonderful make-do.  A velvet acorn with a silk velvet topper.  Decorated with twisted Eco Friendly Vegetable dyed twisted paper.  7"x4" approximately in size.  A wonderful addition to any primitive work basket or display.

Working on more-this is listed in my Etsy Shop 

As always-I appreciate your support and friendship.  Thank you for helping me be a success.  Hugs Ebeth

Friday, October 5, 2018

More listings

Busy getting things dyed and listed.  Check out my Etsy Shop-

Dried Acorn a great light brownish color.  

Colonial Tea is now available in 1/4" Velvet Ribbon in 3 yard packages.  Lovely subtle modeling in the coloring.

Canned Pumpkin is now available in 2 yard packages.  Great grungy fall coloring.  

Enjoy the new listings....Ebeth

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Items

Here are a few new items added to my Etsy shop

Cotton Hand Dyed ribbon

Ruby Murray Velvet Ribbon

Murky Sea Cotton Twill

Poly/Cotton Mix Printed Snowman Ribbon

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

Poly mixed printed Spider Web Ribbon

Great additions to your finishing supplies.  Check these items out and more...

Finishing going out the door

Along with everything else I have been doing-I have quite a pile of finishing for clients that I am starting to finish and ship.  Here are some pictures for you to admire...I am considering slipping a few of them in my pocket-Just kidding....

I think there will be a happy client in the next couple of days.  

Well off to finish more and dye-busy day today-as usual.  

Thank you again for your support and I wish you a wonderful stitching day.  If not today-in the near future.

Hugs Ebeth