Thursday, March 14, 2019

More linen added to Etsy

I am busy posting new items to my Etsy Shop .

New linens listed printed and hand dyed by Primitive Hare from Italy.

More to some.....have a great day-Ebeth

Monday, March 11, 2019

Long time

I never seem to have time to post....if I cannot do it on my phone-it never gets done.  Lots and lots things have been happening.  Family, business and life.  We are well into the first quarter of the new year and there are so many new items created and new adventures, I do not know where to start.  I guess I will work backwards.....

Here is one of the new velvets released at the Nashville 2019 wholesale Needlework show last weekend.

Old Top Hat velvet

I will be releasing 1/4" cotton twill, mini pom pom and large pom pom in this color later in the week.  I have to get into the dye studio to get more dyed.  Contact your local needlework shop for these items.  As always look in my Etsy shop for new listings of items for sale.  

Orts and Such is a limited edition release listed in my Etsy shop .  It is a quick and fun stitch and finish.  The kit comes with a hand painted 3" x 3" heart shaped paper mache box with a piece of hand painted 32 count linen and the Old Top Hat 1/4" twill tape to ruche the topper and the bottom edge of the box.  The chart comes with stitching and finishing instruction.  You just need the thread and a few finishing materials and then you have a great place to put  your orts.

TuTu Chenille is now a thing!  It is such a lovely pale pink.  The possibilities are endless with this color.

I have several other items to talk about, but that is for another posting.  There are several new Mini Pom Pom colors and a couple of limited edition wooden boxes that are available.  

Oh-how could I forget-I have a new Paddle
the Paddle is by Le La Mea Designs I met these ladies several times and have fallen in love with their new wooden items.  I have several new designs coming out.   But here is the latest.

This fun item is stitched on 32 count Americana Froth by From the Cauldron (me) with threads from Classic Colorworks, The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and Romy's Creations.  It is decorated with one of my new Mini Pom Pom colors Merlin's Magic by From the Cauldron (me).  The chart has all the stitching and finishing instructions.  Contact information for the Paddle are included with the chart.  I have several items that I will be creating for their new wooden items.  Please check out their items.  They are great ladies to work with and make wonderful items.

I lied-here is one more item.  It is Tiffany's Trinkets.  This chart is for a 4x6 paper mache box.  The topper was stitched on 32 count Prim Grey by From the Cauldron (me) with thread from The Gentle Art and Romy's Creations.  It is finished with one of my new colors Egg Hunt 1/2" Rick Rack available in my Etsy shop if it has not already sold out.

Well, I am off to handle a few things.  I will be in the dye studio this week.  Look for more listings and new posts.....

As always, I appreciate your support.  Please share my posts and information about my new products.  Visit my Facebook for upcoming items and announcements.

Have a wonderful week....think green-Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner.  Go kiss an Irish person-smiling.....