Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finishing Class

We had a good time at Nimble Needle.  Though....I was on my pins and toes.  Had a pillow to help do-it was an inset and of course it did not want to work out....the students were wonderful and we got through it.  The pillow was not totally finished, but almost there.  We birthed two ornamens and one coaster along with the pillow.

We have set up a pillow class for October near the end at Nimble get stitching and come and join us-I guarantee a good laugh or two....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoga for the relaxation

Just finished a yoga class....wish it had been offered in the am.  I think the day would have progressed better.

Finished a 5 mile run and then yoga.

Will be teaching finsihing at Nimble Needle tomorrow.  I think a side trip to JoAnn's to get some fabric to finish a project for 3 Stitches and then I do hope I get inspired to get an ornament designed and the rest of the orders out the door.

Will have to go to the basement to cut some fabric.

Tip for the day

Scissor fobs.  I know that many of you do not use them.  They are great for helping locate those pesky scissors that are in the bottom of the stitching bag.  Did you know that fobs were invented to attach to items so that if the item fell the fob would hit the ground first.  That only works if the fob is heavier than the scissors....but each pair of scissor should have a wonderful fob attached.   Hummm.....maybe I should go and design one.

Funky Shoes

The picture will have to wait.  Been getting some orders out the door.  Need to find the time to take a picture of my feet.  Not high on the list.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming tomorrow

If I remember-I will post a picture of my new funky shoes....those of you that follow me on Facebook know about my Hoochies-well these are not quite Hoochies-but they are fun....If I have time you will get to see some funky thong sandles with Mother of Pearl flowers and animal print thongs.....

Got to have fun-even when things seem like they are falling apart.

Love that Starbucks

Took a small break to go to Fedex to ship things and stopped in one of my fav luck would have it they have purchased too many of a dessert and they were expiring tomorrow, so guess who got free dessert. 

They are always so nice to me-and no I am not sharing which one-I do not want you to get there before me....You may just have to drop in and join me and I will take you to my fav ones.

Keep watching-new tips will be coming out tomorrow.

Oh-and a Christmas Ornament will be birthed soon for The Gift of Stitching....along with the long line of other things I have to do....yes I have to pull out my magic wand and make things happen....

Calling it a day

Got some of the kits and charts out the door today.  Unpacked and put the suitcase in the attic.  Now tomorrow will be some printing and shipping.  Hope to get the design bug going.

Do not forget-will be teaching finishing on Wednesday, so if you are in town and need to get that ornament finished just call Nimble Needle and they will set you up in the class.

Tip for the day

If you are stuck in the middle of no where and the only thing you have is DMC thread that will match the project that your finishing-then coat the thread with Bees Wax and it will give the thread the strenght that you need to ust it for finishing.  Now I know there is a discussion on the EGA board about whether to use Thread Heaven or not.  Trust me ladies-it is not going to damage the piece unless you over coat the thread.  It will not do a lot of damage, it will just have a waxy residue.

We discussed this issue at in class and there were some expert Japanese Emboirdery Stitchers in the class and they said that they spit on their threads when they twist them and they will also run them across their foreheads to get some oil on the ladies and gentlemen-it is ok to put Bees Wax on your threads.

Back and hit the ground running

I got back around 3:30pm last night from teaching at Tennessee Valley Region Share A Stitch 30 in Birmingham, Alabama. 

I did figure out how to post off the Iphone, but then I got so busy I did not have time to post again.  I have to go to the AT&T store to see why the itnernet would not connect with the laptop....anyway another story.

Those ladies put on a grand show.  From opening night till we left Sunday afternoon we were on the go and everything ran like a well oiled machine.

Pre-registration was great-I think at last count we had 80 people pre-registered for next year.  (A plug for me-I am teaching Artist Trading Cards at the TVR Share A Stitch June 21-24 2012 in Kingsport, TN at the Meadowview Marriot Conference Resort and Convention Center.  So, if you missed getting this class at the National EGA Seminar and still want to take it I will get the contact information up for you.

I want to again thank Mike and Rod at Hoffman Distributors for taking time out of their Thursday morning to give me a cup of coffee and to show me around the warehouse.  I think they were extra nice to me because I stopped in Homewood, Alabama and went to Savage's Bakery 2916 18th Street South Homewood, Alabama 35209 phone 205-871-4901.  If you are in the area check them out.  Their pasteries are wonderful.  I did not get any sandwiches, but if they are anything like their pasteries then they are to die for.  I even brought home some petite fours.  They are all gone now-yummmmm.

I ran out of some of the charts at Merchandise Night, so I am packing them up at the moment and hope to have all the shipping done by mid week.

I have a finishing class at Nimble Needle in town Wednesday and Stacy says the class is a go.  There is still room if you want to slide in- call 404-843-8687.

Well, I am off to do some more printing and kitting.  I did take a break this morning.  I was lazy for a couple of hours then went to the gym. 

With some help I managed to change the filter in the refrigerator-for some reason it will not turn to the left and it is an ordeal.  Anyway-off to catch up with work and to start new designs.....Market is in August!

Friday, June 24, 2011

More than one way to skin a computer/Internet

Well after several attempts I could not get my computer to connect to the network. So I jumped on iPhone and here I am posting. Scary right?

Got to go and visit with Hoffman Dist yesterday. Mike & Rod were kind enough to show me around and spend some time with me. I did come with gifts of food. I will post name of Bakery this evening. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Hoffman for letting me drop in.

The SAS XXXI is in full swing. Phyllis Hoffman was a delight to see and she is a very entertaining speaker.

I have had sushi two nights in a row so I am in heaven. I got a three mile run in this morning, so I am good.

Well I am off to set up room. Will post later.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trip for teaching

Good Morning-it is rainy and yucky out there.....But I am packed and getting ready to hit the road for Birmingham, Alabama to teach at an EGA Regional.

It will be fun see friends and to make new ones. 

Hopefully I will get a moment to log in and post. 

This is where the eye glass case tip will come in handy-so I will not have to go hunting for my scissors.

Well, I must put my suitcase in the van and brave the elements and be on my way.  My broom stitck is in the shop or I would be traveling in style.

I am going to stop in at Hoffman Distributors to say hello.  I will let you know about the side trip and if I see any goodies out there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OK-I am getting dangerous.

I am working on making the picture posting-but for the moment this will work. 

I hope you like the new addition to the Maritime Sewing Case.  The student will have the option to add more embroidery to the bag.  The pocket in the front is the right size for post it notes to stay inside of it and there is a pocket behind the pocket where a small pencil can be placed.

This is a fun class-adding painting, counted work, emboridery, dyeing and finishing.  There is something in it for everyone.

Remember the class is at Sit N Stitch in California-call them for details.  I cannot wait to get back out there and work with Cindy and all the other ladies in LA!

Here are the pictures of the Maritime Scissor Case and the New Addition Bag

Go to facebook page for pictures of new purse

I just posted the pitures of the new purse that goes with the Maritime Scissor Box.  I am working on getting photo albums on this site.  I am getting there!

Tip for the day

Use an eyeglass case to carry your needles, scissors, and other small stitching items when traveling.  This keeps them together and then you do not have to hunt in your travel bag for them. 

The metal cases are great to put a magnet inside of them and then the needles and pins stay in place.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Needle Minders

I have been experimenting with glue, buttons and magnets.  I have some very interesting Needle Minders/Magnets for the bulliten board coming out for the August TNNA Market.

I also have a twisted cord set that I have been selling.  I will get pictures up next week.  This system lets you twist cording without having to have someone help you.  It comes with instructions on how to do multiple colors and it is so fun!!!!

I almost have the Day of the Dead set finished sketched out.  I am waiting for a couple call backs from vendors on getting the pieces to the puzzle done.  Keep watching, I hope to have it up and running next week after I come back from teaching.

Tip of the day

If your work space is like mine there never seems to be enough room.

Threads and linen seem to take over-along with the dog fur, cat fur and other odds and ends that make life interesting.

To keep my threads handy I love to get the big loose leaf paper rings and put my threads on them either by color or by number.  I do this with companies and colors I use frequently.   I like to hang them on door knobs or on the back of ladder back chairs.

For those threads that I do not use as frequently or if the packaging does not allow them to be on ring binders-I get plastic storage carts that are clear and they have drawers.  I put the threads in the larger drawers by company.  If the thread line is too big to put them all in one drawer-I break them out into categories and put them in smaller drawer storage boxes.

Tuesday-Late start!

Good day to all,

Late start, but now have hit the floor running.  Getting a couple of kits out the door and packing.  I will be in Birmingham, Al-teaching for a regional Share A Stitch this weekend. 

I will be dropping in at Hoffman Distributors to see the staff and say hello.  Would be nice if I saw a few of my charts off to new homes.

I am packing up some reference books and finishing supplies to help the students in Studio Time.

I am still working the kinks out of the Day of the Dead Piece.  I hope to get that finished and out the door.  No, I am not going Goth.  I am doing a piece for a Retreat at the Salty Yarn Ocean City, MD in October the 14-16th.  The Day of the Dead is the holiday to celebrate loved ones that have passed to the other side.  I am working in bright colors and there will be a hornbook thread page and a paper pin book decorated with a line drawn skull.  We will be working with wool and it should be fun. 410-289-4667 for a reservation and more details.

I have finished dyeing a canvas bag that we will be embellishing with ribbon and charms in September at 3 Stitches in Spring, Texas 281-320-0133 for mor details.

I just finished a bag to go with the Maritime Sewing box.  It is based on an antique bag that I own.  We will be painting the fabric along with painting the linen and constructing part of the sewing box and the bag at a retreat in September at Sit n' Stitch in Toluca Lake, CA.  818-760-9330 for a reservation and more details.

Well, I will post more and keep you up to date on the packing.  I am going back into my basement to orgainze-well as close to it as I can.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to Dames of the Needle/Finger Work!

I want to welcome you to the creative world of Dames of the Needle/Finger Work. 

I hope you will enjoy this new journey with me as I keep you informed of new products, ideas, announcements and my travels as a teacher.

Visit frequently for a moment to smile and hopefully a couple of laughs as this new adventure starts.