Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tip of the day

If your work space is like mine there never seems to be enough room.

Threads and linen seem to take over-along with the dog fur, cat fur and other odds and ends that make life interesting.

To keep my threads handy I love to get the big loose leaf paper rings and put my threads on them either by color or by number.  I do this with companies and colors I use frequently.   I like to hang them on door knobs or on the back of ladder back chairs.

For those threads that I do not use as frequently or if the packaging does not allow them to be on ring binders-I get plastic storage carts that are clear and they have drawers.  I put the threads in the larger drawers by company.  If the thread line is too big to put them all in one drawer-I break them out into categories and put them in smaller drawer storage boxes.

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