Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Fall is here. I am not sure I am into the cool weather, but at the moment I do not own the Ruby Slippers, so I must let Mother Nature do her thing. I got to see Night Chills, a production of Edgar Allen Poe's works performed by the Pope Drama Club this weekend. It was wonderful and the whole crew worked hard to pull off these plays.

I went on a hike Sunday and had a nice late lunch off the river. I had a Humus and Turkey sandwich with celery sticks with Dill Dressing, a nice treat because I did not have to make the lunch.

I finished my Freebie chart and it will be on its way to Norden today or tomorrow. It will make its debut at the Winter Market 2012. I cannot wait to see what kind of spin shops and others will put on this design.

Below is a wool design that I published awhile back called Autumn Surprise....enjoy.

I got my pumpkin pie pumpkins to slaughter this week. We will be having pie soon.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am working on a design that will be given out at the TNNA Nashville show. It is worked on 28 count Cashel Cream and Ohio Lemon Pie....think flower-and summer.

More to come!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Salty Yarn Retreat

Here is the festive piece that I will be teaching at the Salty Yarn this weekend. The piece is to celebrate the Day of the Dead. No it is not a horror flick thing. Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration to honor the dead. The families go and clean the graves and place food and other offereings on the sites to celebrate their dear loved ones. There are several ways to celebrate this holiday.

This piece has been designed with bright colors and fun accessories to add a spark of color and interest to anyone's stitching basket. The piece can be personalized with a dear one's name that has passed on or just leave the piece plain and enjoy the festive feel.

I cannot wait to teach this and to smell the salt air. Ocean City, MD here I come.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taking a break and missing summer.

Summer has definately left Atlanta. I am working on getting ready to go the Salty Yarn Retreat. The Day of the Dead project is done. My suitcase is in my room and I am packing it with class kits and clothes. I am missing the warm weather of summer.

I have pulled out the boots, as you can see above. Had lunch with the kids on the way home from mass.

I a working on the computer today. I have a piece to finish tomorrow and it will be photographed and instructions will be completed hopefully tomorrow.

I hope that you are getting ready for fall and the start of the holiday run. I just saw Christmas trees out at Home Depot this week. UGH! It is not even Halloween and we are into Christmas. I am thinking we should just leave the trees up all year and try to keep the Spirit of the Season all year long.

I will be posting more this week. Hopefully it will be more work related than personal, but you will have to come back and see.