Monday, June 27, 2011

Tip for the day

If you are stuck in the middle of no where and the only thing you have is DMC thread that will match the project that your finishing-then coat the thread with Bees Wax and it will give the thread the strenght that you need to ust it for finishing.  Now I know there is a discussion on the EGA board about whether to use Thread Heaven or not.  Trust me ladies-it is not going to damage the piece unless you over coat the thread.  It will not do a lot of damage, it will just have a waxy residue.

We discussed this issue at in class and there were some expert Japanese Emboirdery Stitchers in the class and they said that they spit on their threads when they twist them and they will also run them across their foreheads to get some oil on the ladies and gentlemen-it is ok to put Bees Wax on your threads.

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