Saturday, December 10, 2022

Do I see red????

Red has always been one of my favorite colors-we know I love designing silhouettes.  I am not sure how many times I have said it and will say it.  White on red is just stunning....I have others I have done-but I thought red for the day would work. 

Here is Merry Christams pin pillow.  You can use it on your tree or as a hoiday pin pillow-dough bowl.  Just keep imagining.  I so love to see people jump start off an idea, design or anything that I put out there.  It is so inspiring to share and grow with gifts given by others.

Here we have Mini Drum Christmas ornamnets.  These are a joy to stitch-yes there is over one.  But you can to Tent Stitch and it helps with the stitches bunching up.  These guys are wonderful.  If you do not want to make them into ornaments-then you can use them as pin drums.

This is Believe-a larger Winter Themed Christmas drum.  And yes-I seem to love the word Believe-I have several pieces with that in the name of the design.  I confuse myself at times and trust me that is not hard....

I so hope that you are finding time to enjoy the moment.  It is so hard these days and with the end of the year coming up and plans happening for the new year it is hard to take a moment and to just breath.  It is wonderful to document these moments, but in truth the memories are just as good or better.  The kids and I miss the photo opportunities a lot these past few years.  It seems with traveling in, working-trying to just relax and visit-the photos are the last thing we think of...
I will try to remember to get a photo or two this year.  Especially since if any of you follow me-my photo in Just Cross Stitch Magazine for my Christmas Ornament is not my children with me.  It is random people and I find it amusing.  Maybe next year I will put in a picture of someone else....

Anyway-I am off to do my usual.  Have a Red day-smiling.  Ebeth



  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise

  2. Love the vibrant red! 💃 Adds such a pop to your stitching journey. Have you tried experimenting with other bold colors too? 🌈
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