Friday, July 28, 2017

Vintage lovelies to add to your sewing rooms....

I am working on enabling everyone with my new vintage obsession.  I am really excited about the glass frogs and the unique containers that I am pairing them up with.

Here is a picture of my latest grouping.  Several of these items have already sold.  Visit my Etsy shop of my Facebook page for my sales.

These three adorable frogs with containers are listed on my Etsy shop.

Ceramic and glass frogs have been used for complicated floral arranging since the 16th century.  Most frogs were not marked by the maker till after the 1870's before it became possible to patent or trademark glassware.  Frogs come in all kids of materials-glass, ceramic, metal and plastic.

Frogs can be as simple as round with large or small holes to elaborate pieces of glass work or ceramics that have figurines on them.  The term "frog" was first documented as in Random House Dictionary in 1968 as a term for a holder of flower stems in flower arranging. The origin of the use term in flower arrange remains a mystery.  Other terms used for frogs are flower blocks, flower bricks, flower holders and floral arrangers.

There is also not a specific point in time that can be pin pointed as to when 'frogs' were used outside of the floral arranging arena and moved for use to store scissors, pens, rug hooks, paint brushes and other utensils.

As always thank you for your support and I look forward to enabling your stash enhancement and bringing you more unique sewing accessories.


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