Saturday, July 1, 2017

The love of Scots

Well, I started off going to wish my friends from the north of me in Canada a Happy Canada day....

After going through my pictures and designs....alas no Canadian images.  So, I am off to my other love-Scottish Samplers and Scots.  I love a good Scottish brogue and if any of you follow me on Facebook you know my love of any man in a kilt....

So in the new habit of posting often, I decided to pull out one of my first designs and one of my first loves-Scottish Samplers.  Red is my favorite color and I am enamored with all the reds, greens and golds they use in their samplers.

Well, I do not mean to insult my Canadian friends-I cannot wait to one day drink milk from a bag, eat as many ketchup potato chips that I can stand and pour maple syrup over everything that does not move.

Take care my dear friends from the north and enjoy your day.


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