Sunday, July 2, 2017

Americana Week-Happy 4th of July

Having grown up 45 minutes away from Williamsburg and Norfolk Virginia I have a strong longing for all things Colonial.  It seems to be in my blood.  As I posted earlier this week my 'new' home is quite different than anywhere else I have lived.

I am starting to move toward more muted colors with what I call mermaid turquoise as a base for everything....but that is for another blog posting.

This week I will be posting all of my Americana designs old and new.  As most of you that follow me know-I love hornbooks.  This small hornbook is a great way to hold your needles.  The case helps you keep the hornbook handy.  They can be used together or separately.  The needle case can be adjusted to hold your favorite scissors instead of the hornbook.

Enjoy!  Have a wonderfully creative day.  Take a moment and relax and enjoy the moment.

I am off to create....stay tuned more to come.

Hugs Ebeth

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