Friday, August 17, 2012

Ode to Nancy Poe

It is with great joy and sadness that today I hang a lovely new needlepoint piece on the wall in my bedroom. It is 'St. Basil's Cathedral' by Carol Lake stitch by a dear friend of mine Nancy Poe. Nancy died of brain cancer in 2010 and was a great friend and confidant of mine for years. Nancy only lived about 1 1/2 months after being diagnosed with her brain tumor. She met death with grace and bravery. She kindly gave away parts of her stash, partially stitched pieces and finished pieces to many of her friends before she died. Nancy asked me to pick out from her stash things that I wanted on one of the many visits that I had with her before her death. I was uncomfortable doing this. I finally told her that I did not want to be rude, but I did not have a lot of personal stitching time and that I really would prefer something finished by her. I got a grouping of cross stitch flowers and a lovely needlework piece. I do not know the designers or names of the these pieces. Nancy then had her daughter go up and get 'St. Basil's Cathedral' out of her stash and she gave it to me. It was not framed and as we all do, I put it up with the intent of getting framed. I decided this past week that I needed to honor her and get this piece on my wall. So Isa and I went to the framer and we picked out all of the pieces to make this piece sing. I just picked it up today at 1:00pm on August 17, 2012 and came straight home and hung it up on my wall. I cried at the framers, on the way home and when I hung it on the wall. Now I have a great feeling of peace and know that she is pleased that this piece is finally 'dressed' and has a home to be seen and enjoyed. If it has been awhile since you have hugged a friend or told them that you love them and appreciate them, stop what you are doing now and do it! Remember to always appreciate the bonds we make in this world. Hopefully they will carry over when we are gone and get to see them again. Hugs- Ebeth

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