Monday, August 13, 2012

Hearts and Flowers for Italy

In July I got an email through Facebook from Nicky of Nicky's Creations. She requested for me to design something small so that the Italian Designers can sell a folder of charts at the Formigine Market in September 2012. The procedes will go to the Earth Quake victims of the big Reggio Emilia earthquake. There will be French, Italian and American designers donating their talents to this project. Please contact Niky at nicoletta.farrauto@alice if you are interested in pre-ordering this folder. The price will include shipping. You need to contact her before the market in September to order your folder. Please help support this project!
Please pass the word around so that we can show our support for these victims. Hugs Ebeth Just spoke to Niky-You need to get with her this week. August 13, 2012 to order your folder.

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