Sunday, June 23, 2019

Working during Chaos

Well-if you have been following me on Facebook-you know Easter Friday-Good Friday a repair person did not do their job correctly and caused thousands of dollars of water damage to my home.  It has been since April I have been going through the process of getting the process to restore my home straight.  In the mean time-there have been quite a lot of changes.  I started thinking of them in the Fall of 2018 and it has taken till now to have the time to get going on them.....I found another way to get insurance than working at no more peopling for the moment.  Isa is settled into life out of university, Miguel only has a couple more semesters and a budding graphic artist-movie title career will be in his future.  So, I am now going to start traveling again.  I will be going to the Needlework Gallery in September-then teaching in October and next Spring.  More info on these events in upcoming posts.  I thought I would share some of the things I have been up to during this mess.  Please check out my Facebook page, I have gotten brave and gone live-yes they are quite a mess with the camera moving all around.  It does show the mess we are living in.  Miguel and I are and the three dogs are in a very, very, very small hotel room.  Did I mention that it was small??????  We have about one to one and hald more weeks in this situation.  Then-fun.  I get to move back into my house.  Right now my furniture is in a pod and my garage......anyway-a new adventure will be coming.

I no longer have anyone staying with I have these three open rooms....and retreat is coming to mind!  I have to get the house back in order, but I will be announcing finishing, dyeing and stitching retreats....keep an eye out for the details.  But, for the moment-here are some pictures of things I have been dyeing and what my home looks like...

Wonderful helper sanding the floors-

Floors before they started sanding Saturday.

The mess in my first floor outside my studio.  We will not even visit my studio at the moment.  What is not in the garage or the pod is in my studio....Well, I did have to store a few things upstairs in the two spare bedrooms.  I have quite a bit of cleaning in the rooms.  Then they will be ready for visitors.

Painting in the first floor bedroom.  It will be great when finished.

Grouping of linen-
Prim Grey, Aged Saffon, Sweeney Red, Brun Lapin

Americana Froth, Americana Froth, Prim Grey, Old Top Hat

Americana Froth, Americana Froth, Mayflower Grey, Mayflower Grey, Rusted Sand, Sweeney Red

Egg Hunt, Dirty Khaki, Rose Colored Glasses velvet

So-one can be productive while breathing in chemicals and sanding, hammering, sawing and more....

I will be posting pictures of the pod and my other mess soon.  Thanks for all the support and I will be posting more soon.  Keep an eye on my Etsy more being listed and created.

Hugs from Ebeth and Caged the Elephant today-tomorrow-who knows....


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