Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quaker mode

It is so interesting how we evolve.  When I was little my Grandmother Rose and Grandmother Hodges introduced me to textiles in their own way.  If my memory serves me right-there are several chronological years of pictures with me sitting almost in the same spot on my Grandmother Hodges's couch stitching Christmas presents for my family members.

Fast forward to going to University, I had no clue as to what I wanted to be.  I enjoyed art and music so off to University I went.  I ended up majoring in Art and got a BFA.  Interestingly enough I avoided textiles and the only Art History I was exposed to was modern and architecture.  I majored in Photography and Painting....

Fast forward into life.  I always stitched and handled textiles as a hobby.  I really never thought of doing it as a living.  Believe it or not all of the wonderful skills I have and the company I have built has been 'by accident'.  I could down the path right now of how the 'accidents' happened, but I will save that for another day.

As I have moved through my life in textiles I have been lucky enough to attend lectures, classes and read amazing information about this magical world.  I have only skirted around Quaker textiles.  I am lucky enough to own some Quaker and Shaker items.  I lament that I did not become a textile historian, because as I have only lightly touched the surface of Quaker textiles, I have formed my own theories about these items.  I really believe that 'Friendship' samplers came from Quakers.  Look at their amazing Medallion samplers with unrelated initials on them.  I have to come to imagine that groups of girls each stitched part of a Medallion on these samplers with the initials beside their Medallion....but alas, I do not have the time to explore the theories that float around in my head....

So, when I fell upon a lovely antique Quaker pear it inspired me to pull out my velvet and get to work.  The piece fell into place.  So I present to you Pear Needle Keep.  It is a sweet and quick project to make.  It will enhance any sewing basket or curio shelf with its simplistic elegance.

Please contact your local shops for the chart/kit or visit my Etsy shop for a kit https://www.etsy.com/shop/DamesoftheNeedle

I wish you a day filled with pleasure and several enchanting moments with your beloved textiles.


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