Friday, June 14, 2013

Announment from Dames of the Needle/Finger Work

I have been teasing everyone over the past couple of week through Facebook personal and business. I am now ready to let you know what is going on. For the past couple of years I have been starting to teach dyeing and painting in my classes. A unique opportunity presented itself to me a month or so ago and it lead me down the path to make the decision to start dyeing trims for the retail market. I have been blessed with the positive response to this decision. I will be designing, teaching and dyeing for the company. I hope that all of you share in my with out further explination..... Dames of the Needle/Finger Work would like to announce a new sister company 'From the Cauldron'. From the Cauldron will be offering hand dyed trims.
There are 10 colors at the moment and I will be posting pictures of the trims over the next couple of days. Here are the names Apple Green, Silver, Toasted Meringue, Sunny Side Up, Scorched Linen, Sea Foam, Almost Red, Mild Chili, Watermelon Juice and NM Turquoise. And no-Isa and I were not a bit hungry when came up with the names of the trims. At the moment the trims are going to be offered 1/4" Rick Rack, 1/2" Rick Rack, 1" Rick Rack and Chenille. Retail packaging will be in 3 yard lenghts. Hoffman Distribution has graciously agreed to be the distributor for this line. Retail trade please contact Hoffman Distribution or Dames of the Needle for more information. Keep a look out for designs with the trims and the release of the product. I excited and nervous about this new adventure. I look forward to watching this new seed and the fruition of what it sews....ebeth


  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth. I look forward to getting my hands on some of your trim!