Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Night.....UGH

After Yoga last night I stupidly plugged in my Iphone to sync it and back it up. Something that should have taken 10 minutes max ended up lasting 5 1/2 hours later. 6 support calls and having to up-grade Apple Support Plan to get the matter fixed. I still am trying to recover my ITunes. I cannot update my Nano till I figure out what to do. It still has my music on it. My Iphone does not.....Anyway. Work not going well. I am no sleep and still working with Apple to recover data.

On a side note here it a new piece that will be released at the end of September. It was the Afternoon with your Favorite Designer at Baltimore TNNA. Acorn Pocket Pillow. The piece comes with the front and back paper pieces to make the notebook. Instructions on how to make it are included with the piece.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and to all my friends on the Eastern Shore-be prepared and be safe.


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