Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New glass listings and more

Busy listing new finds.  Took a mini break from dyeing and found new items for Etsy.

Here are a few items-for you to check out.  More listings today....will be finishing new designs.  Work never stops for the fly by nigh designers.... laughing.

Great patina metal box-unlimited potential to create a storage or sewing box.

Inside-a new lining with this can be a great accessory to your stitching items.

Rare oval milk glass vase with rare oval frog.  

Unique Top Hat milk glass containter with vintage glass frog.

Another unique Kings Crown compote containter with glass frog.  Bottom does have a small imperfections, but does not detract from the unique glass frog holder.

All these items are listed on my Etsy-keep an eye out for more listings.  



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