Friday, July 27, 2012

Warped Tour and Stitching

Recovering from being in the heat all day yesterday with the girls. We packed up and headed out early in the morning so we could one of the first people to get into Warped Tour.
This is the back of the girls as we just got into the park. They were trying to find Reverse Day Care for me. Well we found it, but it was a tent with a movie running and it was dark and and crowded. I was not going to be able to stitch, yes I was going to work on this off we went to find me some shade. The girls were worried that I would get lost during the day. It was funny to see them in reverse mode worring about where I would go if I was not parked somewhere or on a leash....
This is the girls in line at Sleeping with Sirens.
The view I had most of the day.
The new piece I was working on during the day. A new Adam and Eve and yes, they have their clothes on..... off to tackle the day. ebeth

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