Sunday, June 23, 2019

Working during Chaos

Well-if you have been following me on Facebook-you know Easter Friday-Good Friday a repair person did not do their job correctly and caused thousands of dollars of water damage to my home.  It has been since April I have been going through the process of getting the process to restore my home straight.  In the mean time-there have been quite a lot of changes.  I started thinking of them in the Fall of 2018 and it has taken till now to have the time to get going on them.....I found another way to get insurance than working at no more peopling for the moment.  Isa is settled into life out of university, Miguel only has a couple more semesters and a budding graphic artist-movie title career will be in his future.  So, I am now going to start traveling again.  I will be going to the Needlework Gallery in September-then teaching in October and next Spring.  More info on these events in upcoming posts.  I thought I would share some of the things I have been up to during this mess.  Please check out my Facebook page, I have gotten brave and gone live-yes they are quite a mess with the camera moving all around.  It does show the mess we are living in.  Miguel and I are and the three dogs are in a very, very, very small hotel room.  Did I mention that it was small??????  We have about one to one and hald more weeks in this situation.  Then-fun.  I get to move back into my house.  Right now my furniture is in a pod and my garage......anyway-a new adventure will be coming.

I no longer have anyone staying with I have these three open rooms....and retreat is coming to mind!  I have to get the house back in order, but I will be announcing finishing, dyeing and stitching retreats....keep an eye out for the details.  But, for the moment-here are some pictures of things I have been dyeing and what my home looks like...

Wonderful helper sanding the floors-

Floors before they started sanding Saturday.

The mess in my first floor outside my studio.  We will not even visit my studio at the moment.  What is not in the garage or the pod is in my studio....Well, I did have to store a few things upstairs in the two spare bedrooms.  I have quite a bit of cleaning in the rooms.  Then they will be ready for visitors.

Painting in the first floor bedroom.  It will be great when finished.

Grouping of linen-
Prim Grey, Aged Saffon, Sweeney Red, Brun Lapin

Americana Froth, Americana Froth, Prim Grey, Old Top Hat

Americana Froth, Americana Froth, Mayflower Grey, Mayflower Grey, Rusted Sand, Sweeney Red

Egg Hunt, Dirty Khaki, Rose Colored Glasses velvet

So-one can be productive while breathing in chemicals and sanding, hammering, sawing and more....

I will be posting pictures of the pod and my other mess soon.  Thanks for all the support and I will be posting more soon.  Keep an eye on my Etsy more being listed and created.

Hugs from Ebeth and Caged the Elephant today-tomorrow-who knows....

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Yeah-Summer is coming-

It has been a strange Spring/Summer all over.  Places are too hot, too cold and even having snow for summer in places it should not....But the creative juices are still flowing.....I have listed a few new, OOP Charts and other odds and ends in my Etsy Shop

Old Top Hat in velvet-It now comes in is flying out the door.  Look for it in your local shops or on my Etsy Shop. 

I had a couple orders leave the first of the I am waiting for more linen to come in-Keep looking.  I am always listing and finding new finds. 

From top to bottom-Americana Froth in 36 and 40 count, Aged Saffron in 40 count, Sweeney Red in 40 count and Brun Lapin in 40 is wing its way through the mail now.

I have also added a new vintage cup and glass floral frog.  I have been a little slack in looking for holders for all the glass floral frogs I have stock piled in my Etsy a thrifting we shall go!  Here is the latest.  I love the Ruby Red glass bulb at the bottom of the vase-It adds a touch of elegance to a very simple container.

I am so into the simplicity of this new addition.  I cound the container in a new Thrift store I found in Kennesaw proper....I will be going there again soon.

Well, I am dressed and ready to dye.  I have some 32, 36, and 40 count ready to go out the door....Trim will be later in the day or tomorrow....I will post pictures before things leave.

As always-keep an eye out for new listings on Etsy and hopefully more postings as I am changing my focus and as life evolves.

I have started a teaching schedule and I will be visiting some shops in the next few months with linen trunk shows and more-here are pictures of my two new teaching pieces.

The above is Measure Twice tray with a penny wool scissor fob.  The tray and the fob have small magnets in them so that the scissors will not fall out of the tray.  These scissor will not come with the piece, but I am looking for a pair that will go with the kit-fingers crossed.  

This lovely Grouping is Red Roosters with strawberry.  The piece is stitched on Lush Meadow and attached to a small chip board shaker box with a primitive strawberry made from Sweeney Velvet and Rick Rack as the topper.

These classes will be taught at 

For The Stitcher's Soul 2nd Annual Fall RetreatatCentury House

997 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY 12110

Date And Time

Visit this link or contact Terri Pittman for information about the retreat.

I will post more pictures of items soon.  Have a great day.  Hugs Ebeth

Thursday, March 14, 2019

More linen added to Etsy

I am busy posting new items to my Etsy Shop .

New linens listed printed and hand dyed by Primitive Hare from Italy.

More to some.....have a great day-Ebeth

Monday, March 11, 2019

Long time

I never seem to have time to post....if I cannot do it on my phone-it never gets done.  Lots and lots things have been happening.  Family, business and life.  We are well into the first quarter of the new year and there are so many new items created and new adventures, I do not know where to start.  I guess I will work backwards.....

Here is one of the new velvets released at the Nashville 2019 wholesale Needlework show last weekend.

Old Top Hat velvet

I will be releasing 1/4" cotton twill, mini pom pom and large pom pom in this color later in the week.  I have to get into the dye studio to get more dyed.  Contact your local needlework shop for these items.  As always look in my Etsy shop for new listings of items for sale.  

Orts and Such is a limited edition release listed in my Etsy shop .  It is a quick and fun stitch and finish.  The kit comes with a hand painted 3" x 3" heart shaped paper mache box with a piece of hand painted 32 count linen and the Old Top Hat 1/4" twill tape to ruche the topper and the bottom edge of the box.  The chart comes with stitching and finishing instruction.  You just need the thread and a few finishing materials and then you have a great place to put  your orts.

TuTu Chenille is now a thing!  It is such a lovely pale pink.  The possibilities are endless with this color.

I have several other items to talk about, but that is for another posting.  There are several new Mini Pom Pom colors and a couple of limited edition wooden boxes that are available.  

Oh-how could I forget-I have a new Paddle
the Paddle is by Le La Mea Designs I met these ladies several times and have fallen in love with their new wooden items.  I have several new designs coming out.   But here is the latest.

This fun item is stitched on 32 count Americana Froth by From the Cauldron (me) with threads from Classic Colorworks, The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and Romy's Creations.  It is decorated with one of my new Mini Pom Pom colors Merlin's Magic by From the Cauldron (me).  The chart has all the stitching and finishing instructions.  Contact information for the Paddle are included with the chart.  I have several items that I will be creating for their new wooden items.  Please check out their items.  They are great ladies to work with and make wonderful items.

I lied-here is one more item.  It is Tiffany's Trinkets.  This chart is for a 4x6 paper mache box.  The topper was stitched on 32 count Prim Grey by From the Cauldron (me) with thread from The Gentle Art and Romy's Creations.  It is finished with one of my new colors Egg Hunt 1/2" Rick Rack available in my Etsy shop if it has not already sold out.

Well, I am off to handle a few things.  I will be in the dye studio this week.  Look for more listings and new posts.....

As always, I appreciate your support.  Please share my posts and information about my new products.  Visit my Facebook for upcoming items and announcements.

Have a wonderful week....think green-Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner.  Go kiss an Irish person-smiling.....


Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall and Acorns

Busy making this wonderful make-do.  A velvet acorn with a silk velvet topper.  Decorated with twisted Eco Friendly Vegetable dyed twisted paper.  7"x4" approximately in size.  A wonderful addition to any primitive work basket or display.

Working on more-this is listed in my Etsy Shop 

As always-I appreciate your support and friendship.  Thank you for helping me be a success.  Hugs Ebeth

Friday, October 5, 2018

More listings

Busy getting things dyed and listed.  Check out my Etsy Shop-

Dried Acorn a great light brownish color.  

Colonial Tea is now available in 1/4" Velvet Ribbon in 3 yard packages.  Lovely subtle modeling in the coloring.

Canned Pumpkin is now available in 2 yard packages.  Great grungy fall coloring.  

Enjoy the new listings....Ebeth

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Items

Here are a few new items added to my Etsy shop

Cotton Hand Dyed ribbon

Ruby Murray Velvet Ribbon

Murky Sea Cotton Twill

Poly/Cotton Mix Printed Snowman Ribbon

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

1/8" Cotton Twill Tape

Poly mixed printed Spider Web Ribbon

Great additions to your finishing supplies.  Check these items out and more...