Friday, June 13, 2014

Latest Hornbook out of the Series from Just Cross Stitch Magazine and Class pictures for Annie's Needle Arts Festival

Just Cross Stitch Magazine Here is my latest from my Hornbook design from Just Cross Stitch's latest issue.  The whole hornbook series was stitched to fit on large hornbooks from Retromantic Fripperies (formally know as Images Stitchery Design.  The Pom Pom trim can be gotten from From the Cauldron-a new division from Dames of the Needle/Finger Work that offers hand dyed trims for finishing.  Your local needlework shop can purchase the trim directly from Dames of the Needle @ or from Hoffman Distributing Company .  I hope that you enjoy this new addition to the series.  Keep an eye out for two more designs in Just Cross Stitch.

Also, please look at my class to be taught in December at Annie's Needle Arts Festival. Celebrating Buttons and Christmas at the Lightfoot Home and Tenement.

Thank you for looking!!!!!  More to come.  Ebeth

Monday, June 9, 2014

Color has arrived at From The Cauldron's Back Yard

Blooming color hanging.  It is just waiting to be shipped to new homes.  Here are Hallow Moon, Fra-Orange and Vam-Purple....wonderful Halloween colors. 

 Red Velvet Cake Pom Pom and Faded Rose Cluny Lace waiting to be packaged.
 Hallow Moon is a wonderfully bright yellow color and just waiting to be used for a new Halloween finish or for a cute summer find.
 Raspberry Pearls, what can I say it just screams bright and ready to go.  Lovely color!!!
 Wonka's Blueberry, it is just bursting to get in a box and come live with someone. 
Newt's Eye, some have said it does not look like an eye, but it is a great green that can be a crazed eye.  Wonderful Halloween Color that can also be used for that great summer design finish....All the new colors are on their way to Hoffman Distributing Company and to shops that have already placed their order.  Look for these colors and if you cannot find them at your local needlework shop have them order them for you.  

Off to work on new designs and brew more color from the cauldron....I see something with bright colors in the future.  

All of my primitive fans do not fret....I have two colors in production for you.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back again......

Well, the children and I managed to survive the holidays without an oven and heat....interesting times. Then an unexpected move-that was wild, finding a new home during the holidays and moving without time to pack. Then as most of the world saw-hit by two snow storms....that was fun. We are still moving into the new home. Our 'fill in' stuff and my work supplies are in storage till we can find room. I am living without a basement for the first time in over 20 years and that is an interesting adjustment. I will probably have to keep some things in storage, so I will need to figure out how to adjust....or I can kick Isa out and take over her bedroom.....laughing. Well, I am off on my first trip since last year. Quite the interesting adventure since my suitcases were still in the storage unit under a pile of boxes that I did not want to go through. But I am almost pack and ready to leave early dark hundred tomorrow March 14th, 2014. I am flying out to teach at A Thread Garden and I am doing my Shaker vs Quaker lecture for the Orange Cost Sampler Guild on Monday the 17th....I better wear green....and then I am off to Houston to teach at the 3 Stitches March Retreat. You can contact these groups and see if there is any room to squeeze you in for any of the classes... The dye is cast is being taught at A Thread Garden and the Quaker Scissor Fob and the Pin Round is being taught at Orange Coast Sampler Guild. I cannot show a picture of the piece I am teaching at 3 Stitches retreat, because it is a surprise, but you can only get it at the retreat and trust is wayyyyy to cute!!! Well, I am off to run around like a mad person till I leave.....ebeth

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read the blog and to enter the contest. I waited to hear back from the winners before I posted their names on the blog. Carol Todd from Illinois, Debbie Brotzman from Maryland, and Elaine Murphy from Ireland are the winners. Isa finished with her finals!!! It was her first time taking finals at University. This was also a special time for her-she is still in High School. She is completing two years of High School and two years of University at the same time. So Miguel and I are very proud of her for making it through her first semester with A/B. May all of you have a very Blessed Holiday. Please stay posted-for new colors and designs. I have a new color coming out the first of the year and also a new design! Also do not forget that TNNA Nashville Winter Market is just around the corner and there will be lots of new designs flying out on to the shelves in your local needlework shops. Ebeth

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stitcher's Village Day 10-

I left the contest open till this morning so anyone that was not on Central time could enter the contest. Isa has exams at University today and when she gets home we will put the names in a pot and will pull out three lucky winners. I want to thank all of you for participating. I so wish that I could send all of you a prize! Thank you for all of your lovely notes and compliments that you attached with your entries. I want to wish all of you and your families a wonderful and peaceful holiday and may 2014 be a blessed year for all. Ebeth

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Stitchers' Village Day 10 Activity for the 12 Days of Chrismas Event

It is my pleasure to host the 10th day for the 12 Days of Christmas for The Stitchers' Village! there will be 3 winners. You will get a Beehive Chart.
which included the hand dyed chenille to stitch this quaint piece. A Merry Stitching Chart
Which is a Pin Round that I have managed to redesign to house a pair of scissors. Last but not least a set of a random color of my choice of trim the set will include one hand dyed chenille, 1/4" Rick Rack, 1/2" Rick Rack and 1" Rick Rack.
Please email me at and put the name of the company that I have started that is now dyeing the new trim. 'Hint'-think Summer. Read through the posts and you will find the name. Please put your address in the body of the email so I can send you the package. I will let you know on the 11th if you have won. My daughter, Isa will pick three lucky winners. Thank you for participating. Ebeth

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Aggregator is usually defined as a website or computer software that compiles information from multiple online sources. The purpose of collecting this information can range from compiling it to sell to others, use for new sources, gathering data for polling information, reviews of products or services, watch for trends in various searches on search engines, collecting information from social media networking services, and collecting and organizing online video sources. In its true form this definition does not acknowledge that a single person could be an aggregator. The process has to be done electronically. As we know things can morph and change. It has been acknowledged that a single person can be thought of as an aggregator. With the changes in Social Media this has made this change in the definition of the word happen. Yes, the software is still capturing the information, but a specific person is now driving the collection of the information from different sources then grinding and pushing it out to others. If their style is interesting and varied enough they start to get enough of a following that they can expand on their data collection base and can churn out more data to more people. The cycle keeps repeating and keeps growing. In the past couple of months it has been pointed out that my new role, one of the many that I seem to take on, is that of an aggregator of information. My Facebook page is a wealth of information. I have ‘Friends’ all over the world and the information that I am getting and re-sharing is amazing. I do not always get to research all that I share, but I put it out there for others to enjoy and leave it up to them to do further research if they are interested in a subject matter. I have people privately emailing, messaging me and talking to me when I am at tradeshows or teaching and telling me that they love the information that I share. They tell me that they are telling people to sign up on my page to see all of the information that I churn out. I take my role as a sharer of information seriously. I share equally for all parties. If I get information from a shop to pass on I will share for all shops. I do so for all designers and for all projects. I try to not my personal touch on the information, buy hey we are all human and I do every once in a while interject my side. I try not to offend, but we are all human…. In my long winded way of getting to the point, I am writing about this subject on my blog to let people know that I am taking this position seriously. I have a planned stay in at home so that I can dye, design, get ready for market, submit to magazines, work on new teaching pieces and just plan take a breather! I am going to work on media networking and this new role as aggregator of information to see if in a small way I can help our industry. Please help by passing on information to my Facebook, Twitter or email me personally with classes, workshops, retreats, specials, releases, ideas, cool pictures of finished pieces or anything that you think would be of interest that I can pass on to others. Please let others know about what is going on so that as a whole we can reach more people and stay informed. Ebeth