Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow day....

I will post pictures of the snow later this week.  Woke once again to a winter wonderland here in Georgia.  Not able to get out, so I tucked myself in the studio and got busy designing and make new items for my Etsy Shop.

This first beauty is a small round wool make do decorated with vintage buttons.  A velvet strawerry pin cushion is attached to the top of the ball with wool leaves.

It measures 3.5" x 3".  An adorable addition to any pin collections.

The second make do is quite the is 13" tall and 7" wide around.  It has a velevet strawberry on top to decorate the round make do that is attached to a lovely patinaed brass candle stick holder.  It has a wool scissor case and a velvet strawberry pin cushion hanging off vintage buttons attached to the body of the make do.  Extra vintage buttons have been attached so you can hand other sewing items off of this quaint make do.  (Scissor not included with the piece.)

I have more items made up and they will be listed soon.  I am having a blast just coming up with these items on the fly.....I see pumpkins, crows, more rabbits and well-I can not tell all.

Have a wonderful week-I will be posting more-off to get some rest and think up more items to make.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

OMG What a busy day......

Still have to dye and design.  Where does the time go.  Been busy finishing up these new goodies and now off to rest and do some thinking.  I know very scary thought.  Hope the charting juices start flowing.  Dyeing schedule being set.....keep posted.

Here is a peek of the new goodies.....

The new items can be found in my Etsy Shop.  With more postings this weeks of threads and more suprises on my facebook page.....Thank you again for your support. 

Hugs Ebeth

New Postings.....

New listings on my Etsy Shop....enjoy!  Ebeth

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Its Backkkkkk Dirty Ewe

I have been trying to figure out how to make Dirty Ewe and Peep's Lost Sheep work.  The base I used has been changed.  I have played with different linens and Have Dirty Ewe back in production.  Yeah-Peep's Lost Sheep will be hopefully done next week.  It has the soft coloring that it had in the beginning and is great to work with.  I have some 36 count for sale on my Facebook.  

I will be having it for sell on Facebook and my Etsy Shop.....

I have been busy with Make Dos....will write another post tonight.... Ebeth

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Paint mets Primitive and Hearts....

Primitive Heart Make Do with distressed shaker box.

New listing on Etsy Balsam wood shaker box with a make do heart.  Vintage button and zipper attached for decoration.  Filled with Lizard Litter.  Quaint and fun piece.  Great for small stitching accessories.....Check it out. 

Off to make more designs and other goodies.

Also look on Facebook and Etsy-new color/old color in Pom Pom.  Watermelon Juice now comes in Mini Pom Pom 1 yard packages....yes I have been busy....


Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Items on Etsy

Even with the holidays and trying to get the New Year started-I have been busy with making more Make Dos and getting ready for market.  I have listed a bunch of threads and other odds and ends over the past few days.  Here are my newest two additions.

7" x 4.5" heart Make Do with antique heart and rouche ribbon edging.  Listed on Etsy Shop .

New Rabbit Make Do-Way too cute with repurposed materials.  Attached to an antique porcelain candle stick holder.  Listed on Etsy Shop too.

Off to dye and make more items.  Keep posted.  Facebook sale to be listed soon too. 

Hugs and Happy New Year.  Ebeth

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy New Year-2018 YEAH

I am busy working on new projects, trying to wind down from a busy holiday schedule and posting new items on Facebook and Etsy.

Here are some items that just got listed. 

Antique Silk sewing purse.  Great condition with sewing tools.

Antique Bone corner turner and laying tool

Way cool Whale Shaped Canvas Needle

and a new make do-

This new primitive rabbit make do-has silk ribbon, repurposed supplies, antique key, vintage key charm with mother of pearl button eyes on a wooden candle stick holde.
It is tooooooo adorable....

Keep looking for new items for sale!!!

I wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  

Hugs Ebeth