Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Americana revisited-Limited time

I have a love hate relationship with my storage unit....I used to have 4 and now I am down to one....I would love to make it none.  Early this summer I found more chip wood oval shaker boxes and re-released an oldie but goodie!  After taking pre-orders off my Facebook page  I had a couple left over and released them on my Etsy shop.  

I am in the works of making a drum that will go with the Needle Book and Scissor fob, because when the boxes are gone....they are gone. 

Well, I am off to design, stitch and dye.

As always, thank you for your support!  Ebeth

Americana Box

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ruby Murray-New Linen from Dames of the Needle/From the Cauldron

Naming new products is always a fun challenge.  One does not want to go with the mundane obvious name, but the name should reflect some connection to the product so people will remember it and want to purchase the item.

Here at Dames/From the Cauldron Land-Cheryl (who I always want to keep happy!!!) is always joking that the names need to be one syllable to keep it simple....Well most of you that know me and know that is not possible.  I also have a wicked sense of humor and am always looking for the twist on something...sooo-I have to work hard at keeping Cheryl happy with other things here in Dames/From the Cauldron Land...

That leads us to our new linen color Ruby Murray.  Ruby Murray you say????  Hold on and I will explain.  I was playing around with this color and loved the way it was coming out and it hit me to try it on linen.  After the first piece was dyed, Cheryl and I bounced off ideas for the name.  After a short conversation it came up that it looked like Curry...well that is quite the plain name and that is a color name that is being used by other manufacturer in the industry....so being the anglophile that I would like to be, plus add in being the Google Queen-I did some research and found out that in Britain it is Cockney Rhyming Slang for 'going out for a Curry'.  (Yes, I am aware that-that last sentence is a complete run on and grammatically incorrect, but hey deal with it....)  In Britain, one can say I am 'going out for a Ruby' or I am 'going out for a Ruby Murray'.  So, if inquiring minds had been wondering this is why so many Indian restaurants have Ruby in the name.  The real Ruby Murray was a popular Irish singer in the 1930-50's.  Cockney Rhyming Slang is an organic language that changes with the times.  In the 1970's it became popular to rhyme celebrities with slang.  According to research, Ruby Murray is one of the first celebrities to be used in this unique way.

So....hence....Dames of the Needle/From the Cauldron is presenting you with Ruby Murray a lovely weathered golden yellow color.  It comes in 28, 32, 35 and 40 count.  I am still playing with an Aida version....Please contact your local shops, check out my Etsy or watch my Facebook sales so you too can 'go out for a Ruby Murray'.

Ebeth, Zola and Cheryl.....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quaker mode

It is so interesting how we evolve.  When I was little my Grandmother Rose and Grandmother Hodges introduced me to textiles in their own way.  If my memory serves me right-there are several chronological years of pictures with me sitting almost in the same spot on my Grandmother Hodges's couch stitching Christmas presents for my family members.

Fast forward to going to University, I had no clue as to what I wanted to be.  I enjoyed art and music so off to University I went.  I ended up majoring in Art and got a BFA.  Interestingly enough I avoided textiles and the only Art History I was exposed to was modern and architecture.  I majored in Photography and Painting....

Fast forward into life.  I always stitched and handled textiles as a hobby.  I really never thought of doing it as a living.  Believe it or not all of the wonderful skills I have and the company I have built has been 'by accident'.  I could down the path right now of how the 'accidents' happened, but I will save that for another day.

As I have moved through my life in textiles I have been lucky enough to attend lectures, classes and read amazing information about this magical world.  I have only skirted around Quaker textiles.  I am lucky enough to own some Quaker and Shaker items.  I lament that I did not become a textile historian, because as I have only lightly touched the surface of Quaker textiles, I have formed my own theories about these items.  I really believe that 'Friendship' samplers came from Quakers.  Look at their amazing Medallion samplers with unrelated initials on them.  I have to come to imagine that groups of girls each stitched part of a Medallion on these samplers with the initials beside their Medallion....but alas, I do not have the time to explore the theories that float around in my head....

So, when I fell upon a lovely antique Quaker pear it inspired me to pull out my velvet and get to work.  The piece fell into place.  So I present to you Pear Needle Keep.  It is a sweet and quick project to make.  It will enhance any sewing basket or curio shelf with its simplistic elegance.

Please contact your local shops for the chart/kit or visit my Etsy shop for a kit https://www.etsy.com/shop/DamesoftheNeedle

I wish you a day filled with pleasure and several enchanting moments with your beloved textiles.


Friday, February 10, 2017


As we enter a new month in this controversial and tumultuous year I reflect on the many changes I have been forced to adapt to in the past couple of years.  As creatures of habit many of us do not thrive well when stable ground is hard to find.  I would not say I thrive on change, but I understand it is an necessary evil of growth.  After 6 plus years of others controlling my destiny, I can say that I am in the control of my path.  This long and arduous path has only slowed me down in achieving my goal, but I see the path becoming less taxing and the rewards are starting to come in.

I would be wrong if I did not say that the losses I have encountered during these changes have not saddened me.  I would also be neglectful to not acknowledge that the new additions and accomplishments I have achieved are not amazing and satisfying.   I am starting to see a calm in the storm and a new normal coming to fruition.

I am a big advocate of believing that one grows and learns from mistakes, changes, encounters and chaos.  I have had my fill of these in the past couple of months.  I have had to say goodbye to some close champions and these losses have been very heavy.  It has been hard to have realized that there are people who are only placed in your path for certain events and time frames and then they are not supposed to be there anymore.  This uncoupling can be easy or it can be very painful and raw.  I have realized that as a caterpillar must change to a butterfly, I must metamorphosis to be true to myself and to become the person I strive to become.

Unfortunately without some of my champions shielding me, I have encountered people who think they can criticizing my choices and the changes that I am making.  I am realizing that my new lesson is to rely on myself and to follow my heart and to not let these people push me around and to hit them head on and to cut them down without hesitation.  This is a new role for me.  I am very much one who holds back and promotes all even if they are not on the same page as I am.

Believe it or not this personal commentary leads me to my new release-Sweeney Heart Pin Keep.  It is a simple and sweet pin keep.  The simplicity of the design makes it elegant.  It also is an achievable finish.  The heart is what leads all of our lives.  While logic and thought are what we concentrate on when we look at our lives, the heart plays an important role as we move through life.  You can find details of this release and my other sale items on my Facebook page .  To purchase Sweeney Heart Pin Keep you can visit my Etsy page or after Nashville 2017 Market your local needlework shop.  You can purchase a kit off my Etsy page.  The chart and limited kits will be available from needlework shops after March 2017.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support.  The success of my business is through you and your purchases of my designs and products.  I am humbled by all of you and your kindness in following me and purchasing my items.

May you take a moment and reflect on what your heart's desires are and then find the path that will lead to the fruition of your life's path.


Monday, January 9, 2017

2017-What a way to start the year!

Abacus Hornbook Debuting at 3 Stitches in Spring Texas 281-320133 for details.
The chart will be available early Spring.  There will be accessories.

As promised-I have found time to start designing again.  Yes, I do sleep, sometimes I think too much, then not enough...

We had 'weather' here in the south on Epiphany weekend.  It was not the event that was predicted, but never the less snow.  Which in the south really means Ice.  Isa was able to make it back to Belmont Sunday to start school on Monday...not the time schedule she wanted, but it turned out to be the best thing.  It turned out she had nails in one tire and had to replace the tire.  So, when an event changes things you might be being pushed to a better and safer path.

I had a lovely sale this weekend on Facebook and will hold another this week.  I was not able to get all posted.  It was a busy weekend with both children starting up with new semesters on Monday and trying to take down Christmas...should I go on?

I have been busy working out dye recipes and working on getting new items from vendors for my sales and to put on my Etsy Shop .  So keep checking the page for new items.  I have listed new threads and will be listing more.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and will be posting more pictures and information about sales soon.