Monday, July 23, 2012

Release of Betsy Ross

Betsy is being mailed to Hoffman Distributing Company and Norden Craft today. Hopefully they will be in stock by the end of the week. Betsy Ross was credited to helping George Washington design the flag for the United States of America in 1777. While some are sayig this never happened, it cannot be disclaimed that Betsy Ross was a flag maker/upholsterer and that she supported her family with this occupation all of her life. She has been quoted as saying that she 'never knew what it was to want employment.' In her time in history upholstery business owners not only upolsteried furniture they were also makers of flags. Besty Ross did make flags for a living during her life time can be considered a role model for women in the work force. Betsy supported her family through three marriages and seven children, two who died in infancy. She was not one to allow life to get her down. She should be applauded for her contribution to our country and her work ethic that she carried to her grave. Ebeth

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