Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day in the Dames neighborhood

I had a wonderful day at the Giant Stitch In held by the Dogwood EGA Chapter. These girls work hard at making sure that we have a great time. So many wonderful things to get, the Stash to Stash was great. The Silent Auction was tantilizing with Jeannette and Ronnie going to a drawing to see who would win this lovely lap frame from England. Ronnie was the winner....I tried Jeannette... I won a cute strawberry fob on a pair of scissors made and donated by Dorothy. Thank you my dear. I hope to post pictures tonight or tomorrow. Well, I am off to work some more. A very grey and weird weather day here in the Hundred Acre Woods. We are having a Black Widow problem under the studio....hopefully that will be cleared up soon. May you have a great stitching day! Ebeth

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