Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is quite like an icky Hundred Acres day here in Marietta. We had the Huffelumps and Woozels visit last night. The thunder and lightening was unbeliveable. I turned off the printers and the computer. I usually do not because I have them on a battery back up system, but it was so horrific that I felt I needed to do this. So off and unplugged they went....I have been waiting to see Piglet fly by or to see Pooh's bum sticking out of a Rabbit hole. With the horrid weather is a horrid it has been PJ day here in the Hundred Acres woods. We are drinking tea, playing Playstation 3 games, computer surfing and finishing up some stitching. I think if I can press on-Betsy Ross may be shipped out tomorrow to be photographed.... Off to stitch, will keep you updated on the events of the weird and wonderful world of the Talledo's Hundred Acre Woods.... ebeth

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