Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Busy here in the Studio

 I have a wonderful friend who had this amazing primitive cubby hole box.  She had stitched a Blackbird Designs piece to put in the box.  Well-it turned out a little too big and she really wanted something more interesting than a pin pillow....this is where I entered the picture-Box Lid!

Here is a picture of the piece laying on top of the box.

A picture of the entire box with the piece laying over it.

The box with the piece in its place as a lid for the cubby.

This was so fun to do.  I used foam core instead of matte board so that the lip of the insert on the back would hold the piece in place.  I also used the foam core for the stitched part so that I could pin mount the chenille/ribbon trim.  I played around with sewing it on (and I do not glue!), so I used silk brass pins and pinned the trim in place.  

I am finishing a couple more pieces for my friend then this wonderful piece and the other pieces will wing their way back home.  

It was a true honor to come up with an interesting and different finish for this piece.  I love the box-I am wondering if she would miss it if it did not make it back to her....Ummmm yep-I think she would.

I took pictures of the process.  I am working on transfering the pictures over and doing a quick tutorial on how to finish a flat finish lip lid.  It is so easy and fun-yes finishing can be fun.  I hope to have it in the next couple of days.  Just need those extra hours to the day.
Thanks for visiting my blog.  Now off to dye and create.
Hugs Ebeth

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