Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cali's Berries New Spring Color

New Spring Color-- Cali's Berries-this is a wonderful color to stitch strawberries and more.  Just listed in 40 count, 16 count Aida and Osnaburg.  More coming. 

Osnaburg great for finishing and primitive surface embroidery.

16 Count Aida Cali's Berries-dyes a little lighter than linen and other fabrics.

40 count Cali's Berries

More colors and items coming-you never know what you will find in my Etsy....oh-almost forgot 

Number 3 A year in Costumes is finished and available from a local needlework shop or in my Etsy.
Number 4 is almost finished....

And-last but not least-a new ready made trim, 9/16 in width this Off White Jute Cotton Chenille will enhance your needlework.

Happy creating and stitching.....Hugs Ebeth

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