Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Busy Cauldron

 I have been busy trying to catch up with orders and dyeing new colors.  The cauldron has been busy.  Here are a few old items back in my Etsy and new colors and items listed.....

Back in stock - Mild Chili 1/2" Rick Rack

 Back in stock - Mild Chili Chenille

18 count Opalescent Aida Sea Glass

Miguel's Navy Opalescent-Navy on the bling.....

Baby Mini Pom Pom in Miguel's Navy

Ida Neel's Cherries is now in chenille

Limited Edition Blue Black 1/4" Cotton Twill Tape

Hot New Color-Cosmic Platinum-this flies out the door each time I get more dyed....

Keep checking-several new charts and more new items are coming-

Hope you are getting ready for Spring-the last roars of winter weather it trying to hang on.  But here in Atlanta the birds are starting to get nests ready-trees, flowers and grass are turning green and starting to bloom.....But again I live here in the south-tomorrow who knows what the weather will be....

Thank you for your support and enjoy your day.  Ebeth

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