Friday, January 26, 2018

Yes, I know another Strawberry....

I cannot help myself.  I am addicted.  As I frantically try to get ready for Nashville market, dye for orders, write intructions and create....I keep making these strawberries.  I love figuring out how to keep these Make Dos stay on the re purposed stands and candle stick holders.  I am still looking for more holders for the glass frogs too.  I will have instructions out for all my new wool and velvet items soon.  Here is the latest Make Do that was posted on my Etsy shop last night.  This one is adorable.   I made the leaves so you can hand buttons and odds and ends off them with bulb pins.  I also added large Mother of pearl buttons onto the body of the Strawberry so that you can either use twisted cording, jewlery chain or what ever you can think of to hang a scissor case or other sewing items off the Make Do.  It will make a great primitive decoration too.  Check this new listing and all my other items out in my Etsy Shop

I hope this one gets a new home soon.....I am working on ideas of how to hang hearts and other items from these Make Dos...I also am still working on more pumpkins, acorns and wool trees are speaking to me........

Well, off to dye and create.  Check out my Facebook and my other Facebook for more information and pop up sales.  I am always listing threads, linens and who knows what else.

I will also be announcing a closed group in February or March on Facebook.  I will invite my followers to join.  On this page you may get to see my messy studio, permanent items that are for sale and design proccessing.  I am also working on some short videos on finishing and applying trim.  Keep an eye out for this new adventure.

Hugs and I cannot tell you how your support and encouragement helps me keep going.  Talk with you soon. 


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