Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ta Da-

Mantle finished....I promise no more progression pictures of the mantle....well unless it needs more additions.  Isa and Miguel's stockings are up...I guess one day I will finish stitching mine.  Both of theirs were stitched their first two years of life and they both stitched on the backgrounds to help finish them.  They both won ribbons at ANG national-so they are indeed special stockings...

Dyeing did not go as planned yesterday.  We had storms and rain!!! Yeah! But alas it is not enough rain to even put a dent in the drought and north of us in Tennessee they are being brutally attacked by wild fires.  It is heart wrenching to look at the videos and read the stories of the devastation.

Today is dye day-hopefully several yards of linen that needs to go out the door will be done-drying will be tricky since it is again raining!!!  It has not rained here since August of this year and we do need I will not complain.

I have been sorting through my cut linen boxes and I have already staged some pieces to be on sale on my facebook this Friday.  If the USPS cooperates there will be another sale of threads from The Gentle Art....Next week there will be Weeks threads unless they get shipped sooner.

I am working on the email link so you can sign up to get the blogs....

I will be starting on finishing the floors in my studio and hopefully it will be done by the end of the year.  Pictures will be coming...

I will also start posting finishing hints and ideas about how to use my velvets and trims.

Well, I am off to dye-and to hopefully have a productive work day.


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