Monday, November 28, 2016

It is starting to look like Christmas

'Well Turkey day has come and gone.  I have been frantically hunting things down in the storage unit so I can decorate for the holiday.  I have my Starbucks tree up in the kitchen, my whimsical tree in the den, huge tree in the living room and my woodland creature/mermaid tree in my bedroom.  I think I may stop there....but who knows.  I am almost finished with the mantle and the foyer.  I think the front door is done.  I will post more pictures later this week.

I had a facebook sale this weekend and I announced that my trims will be going up.  Chenille, Rick Rack and Pom Pom all will be going up .25 each the first of the year.  I am running a sale this month $2.00 for Pom Pom and $5.00 for Chenille and Rick Rack.  These sales will be on my Facebook page.

Well, I am off to invoice and to finish a pillow for a client.  I hope to get some dyeing done and hopefully I can find all my decorations so I can finish up with 'dressing up' the house so I can enjoy the view.

Hugs Ebeth

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