Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taking a break and missing summer.

Summer has definately left Atlanta. I am working on getting ready to go the Salty Yarn Retreat. The Day of the Dead project is done. My suitcase is in my room and I am packing it with class kits and clothes. I am missing the warm weather of summer.

I have pulled out the boots, as you can see above. Had lunch with the kids on the way home from mass.

I a working on the computer today. I have a piece to finish tomorrow and it will be photographed and instructions will be completed hopefully tomorrow.

I hope that you are getting ready for fall and the start of the holiday run. I just saw Christmas trees out at Home Depot this week. UGH! It is not even Halloween and we are into Christmas. I am thinking we should just leave the trees up all year and try to keep the Spirit of the Season all year long.

I will be posting more this week. Hopefully it will be more work related than personal, but you will have to come back and see.


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