Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Fall is here. I am not sure I am into the cool weather, but at the moment I do not own the Ruby Slippers, so I must let Mother Nature do her thing. I got to see Night Chills, a production of Edgar Allen Poe's works performed by the Pope Drama Club this weekend. It was wonderful and the whole crew worked hard to pull off these plays.

I went on a hike Sunday and had a nice late lunch off the river. I had a Humus and Turkey sandwich with celery sticks with Dill Dressing, a nice treat because I did not have to make the lunch.

I finished my Freebie chart and it will be on its way to Norden today or tomorrow. It will make its debut at the Winter Market 2012. I cannot wait to see what kind of spin shops and others will put on this design.

Below is a wool design that I published awhile back called Autumn Surprise....enjoy.

I got my pumpkin pie pumpkins to slaughter this week. We will be having pie soon.


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  1. That is one cute pillow, Elizabet. And your sandwich sounds great - I love hummus!