Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Summer is almost here.....

 Even though Summer does not start till the soltice on the 20th of June....But I always start it the first of June....Yes a brat at best.  Life here is crazy as usual.  As most of you-weather has been off.  We have been having major wind and hail.  Of course-then there are leaks.  So, we are in the process of getting the roof replaced.  Adulting is just a bit much at times.....

I still have had time to create a couple more colors.  Blues-that is one that I do not do often.  So we have two new Blues-Summer Morning and No Clouds....They are listed in my Etsy-  

Here are the colors-enjoy.

Summer Morning

No Clouds

These are great blues for your patterns....well off to create more colors and designs.

Hugs and thank you Ebeth

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