Wednesday, March 25, 2020

From Nashville till now......and it is not April yet

What can I say.  We heard about this horrible virus as we were getting ready for Nashville Needlework Market.  Our wonderful friends/designers left their beloved countries with the understanding that this was not good, but it was under control.  Before the show was over we did not know how they were getting home and our country was starting to understand that we were under attack from this virus too.  We have gone from freedom of movement and being a social group of people-to isolation and fear. 

This is an unprecedented time.  We have had viruses and disease spread through the world and cause havoc and death before.  The thing we face now is that we are a global society.  With the internet and other means of communication we are aware of what is going on all over.  We need to pull together.  This is not the time to divide and push agendas.  Stop pointing fingers and accusing anyone of not doing the best they can.  Stop to reflect and meditiate on your own life and decisions you have made.  Remember the struggles you had to go through to come to the conclusion you did.  Every decision has a consequence-good and or bad.  Our true leaders over the world are doing the best that they can.  The others still want to divide and cause harm.  It saddens me that as grown adults they are unable to put down their weapons and help the masses.  If the UN can ask for all conflicts to stop till we can get this straight-then why cannot the politicians do the same. 

I am hopeful that the good will come out. 

May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy.  Please look at what acts of kindness you can offer to those in need.  I know many of us are deciding if we can pay our rent/mortgage and other bills-or if we will keep our money and feed our families.  There are things you can do that will not involve money-give time and help to those that need it.  Look around-if you see someone struggling help. 

I know all of you have it in you to do an act of kindness for many.  Pull together-get over your selfish side and help.  The quicker we help and do the right thing the faster we will get through this. 

I and all in my industry and any other kind of business appreciate your past, present and future support.  Reach out if you need help and stay in touch with those you know may be too stubborn or embarassed to ask for help. 

I send my heart felt love, prayers, good thoughts and wishes to all.


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