Wednesday, November 13, 2019

PNPS Magazine

Here is my christmas contribution to the PNPS 2019 Magazine.  As usual I think bigger than I should-laughing.  I made this ornament so that magnets are finished inside the ornament so that the ornament can be switched out from the display.  For the shoot for the magazine it was way to small to show the hanging board with the metal clip board attached.  So here it is far away and up close.  I am going to hang mine as a door hanger inside my family area.  This can be hung on the wall or you can skip the board and make it as an ornament and add a hanger.  You can also skip adding the magnets if you are not going to attach the ornament to the metal clip board.  

It was an honor to once again to be asked to submit to the PNPS magazine.  They are always kind and put up with my lack of computer skills and other seemingly disasterous life situations that interfere with me being an adult.  Trust me if any of you follow me you know I have earnestly tried to hand in my adult license, but they will not revoke it.....but revoking it means I would be either on the other side of the grass or in one of those land locked cruise ships-and I am not ready for either of those.

Well, off to maybe try my hand at another live video......let's see how this works out....

Thank you again for all your support.  Hugs Ebeth