Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fluxing and Soldering Woo Hoo

Well yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a soldering iron and some flux....

I decided to take the plunge and just do it this afternoon. I took some of the fabric that I had painted and dyed a couple of weekends ago and I got a nice aqua blue pin and wrote words on the fabric. I encased it the fabric in glass and added the copper tape and off I went.

I have now figured out I need a third hand jewlery tool. Who knew you could just go out and buy a third hand....

Anyway, even without the third hand I managed to attach two o rings onto the top and bottom of the piece. I attached a small fabric tassle that was out of the painted fabric with more words written on the strips. I attached some aqua blue finding beads to the strips and on the back of the strips where they attach to the o ring. Then I dug through my stash and came up with double sided silk ribbon from Gloriana Threads - Wood Pond- the color matched perfect. I added two charms from Charland on to the ribbon and tied on and it is now going out to dinner with me....What fun-make a necklace in less than an hour and wear it to dinner.

I am now thinking of all the things I can now do with this and the new bracelets that I am making...Let the games begin!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

We will start Advent here in the house this week. We have two trees up and some of the ornaments on is starting to look like the holidays in our new house.


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