Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It is Fall....

Hopefully all of you had a safe and wonderful weekend. I have figured out that in my new phase of life I just may have to learn about.....ta dum....sports....To be honest, I know about sports, I know how the games work, I just do not watch them....by myself. All of you that know me or have traveled with me know that I do not watch TV. I actually had to call the AT&T support line one time to figure out how to turn one of my televisions off. Yes, I am admitting this on a blog for all to see....I will be looking into this new phase of my life and see how much I have to do...all I can say is I am not sure I will catch myself watching them by myself. I will be doing group watching. It might be fun to go to a game with people that I enjoy their company and who knows I may even do a tailgate thing.... I will keep you posted on this developing situation. I do need to keep up with things like our hockey team got sold and I cannot go to a hockey game here is town. (Sheepish grin-) I also have to get that there are serious fans who just freak out that there is a kick off weekend for College sports, Professional sports and so on.

But seriously, I hope that you had a good weekend. Here in Hot Atlanta, well we were only hot for Saturday. Lee came in and cooled us off, dumped rain and caused damage on Sunday with tornadoes and so on.

I finished my the stitching for my ornament for The Gift of Stitching. I created another Hornbook ornament. I have to drill the holes and make cording and shoot the pictures....I think Kirsten will be putting this out in November 2011. Keep an eye for it.

I am also stitching on a piece that will be a companion for Small Americana Hornbook.

I will shoot pictures of the companion piece this week. It will be a book that the hornbook can rest in and scissors can go in

Well, I am off to work on some stithcing and kitting.

I have one of my BFG's here from Wisconsin helping me organize my office. Well, it is so messy, that she is only tackling one corner of it before I take her to the airport.

Thanks for reading-I will be posting soon.


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