Monday, August 15, 2011

Back-and posting

Hey everyone I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. Got a few days of fun in the sun before the Baltmore TNNA show. I managed to break my finger at the beach. So getting ready for market was hard. Of course it was my right hand and my middle finger. Life goes on.

The market was slow, but shops were eager to buy. There will be announcements about future shows on the TNNA Yahoo Groups. An afternoon with your favourite designer was a blast. All of the projects were wonderful and it was an honor for me to be included with this group!

I signed up classes and I have requests for some new designs, so I will be busy.

I am on the way home and I have some printing to do and prep work for the next up coming classes this September and October.

I will be teaching on a cruise in January, more information to come! Again bright colors and fun time items. Think sea horses, fish and sea weed.

Hoffman has some of my new items. Norden will get a shipment this week and the rest of the new items will go out soon.

That is all for now more when I get home.

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